Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Saturday- getting into something new

So I was up early today (early for me) and wandered down to my sewing machine and what did I spy but the charm packs and background for the Charming Chatter QAL. Well it couldn't hurt to cut up some of the charms squares, could it?? That didn't take long and before I knew it I had the 4 patch blocks sewn and pressed -- aren't they cute?

I'm really loving this background fabric by Nancy Halvorsen - its called Tidings and I almost positive that I need to go get some more and see what other colors it comes it. The big polka dot circles made up of dots is a fabric with my name all over it (I looked to see if my name might be in the selvedge but somehow they left it off- imagine that- LOL!) Oh this is a fun little quilt and I think I can knock it out today or tomorrow. Lets not dwell on the Cherry Salsa quilt that is langquishing on the design wall - I'll get back to it. But right now I need a quick little pick me up finish -- check back later to see what I get done. Right now I'm off to Sonic for lunch --

Happy stitching,
carol fun


  1. I'm glad you've joined the Between Charming Friends quilt along - welcome. Your 4 patches look wonderful; love the background fabric. Have fun.

  2. Your background color is so's going to turn out very nice.


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