Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sampler Sunday

Busy busy day - I went to see Dreamgirls this afternoon. Great vocals and costumes. I love a play with an interesting wardrobe. I've seen several plays this year and I think my favorite was Mary Poppins. The play took a different spin in some scenes than the classic movie and the actor who played Bert was phenomenal. I left thinking the play should have been called "Bert, the Chimneysweep" -- oh where was I? My mind wondered there a bit.

My offering for this Sampler Sunday is one I stitched back in 1998 called Heart that Gives. It is a design by Ewe and Eye and Friends. I loved these designs and have several of their samplers. When the Twisted Threads shop was still open in Madeira they used to carry all of this line and it was one of my favorite cross stitch designers. This piece is done on a soft turquoisy blue linen and it uses several decorative stitches. The lady's hair is done in french knots and is a lovely shade of auburn (similar to my own hair color but a better shade - IMHO) and there are satin stitch accents in the basket and in the flower centers. But what sets this sampler apart is the wonderful spiderweb roses in the border (click on the pic for a better look.) Now these roses took quite a while but oh I love the look -there are over a 100 of them and yes I am crazy. Now as much as I love this piece I felt it was lacking in the one thing I love on samplers - a house-- soooooo, I ended up sticking a little blue house down over the hill.

Perfect! This piece also includes my initials and the initials of my boys. I like including those details in my pieces.

And here is a pic of the quilt top I finished yesterday on my design floor. After putting on 3 borders (which took all day and I don't know why) it was too big to put back on the wall. I like how it turned out. Now it is off to the long arm quilter. The motivation for getting this quilt finished was so I could start another quilt. Big surprise, huh? I already cut out a lot of the pieces and I spent some time today washing a bunch of fat quarters so I can cut some more out tonight. Check back tomorrow and I'll show you some progress- it has great colors - red and yellow!

Happy stitching,
carol fun


  1. Love the quilt! I agree, for some reason, I'll get a quilt top "done" but just have the borders to do. Takes me months! I'm a slow quilter and I just can't slap the borders on like some of my friends. I have at least two that I need to do.

  2. What a pretty sampler! I love the giant flowers and the teeny house over to the right. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Gorgeous sampler. My mother does cross stitch and sometimes they look like a painting. I love how you personalize your work. That's a terrific quilt too.

  4. Guess I should get a picture on my profile so you know which Stephanie is which. Although her iron is good becasue we all know I don't do ironing:) I love all your samplers. I wish everyone could see your walls to put how many you have done in perspective! Phenominal!

  5. Hi Carol - I noticed that you commented on my blog - thank you!! - and I wanted to stop over and see yours. I just love your EEF piece that you stitched. That has been a favorite of mine for years but I've never stitched it before. Love your quilt too. It seems that we have the same interests. It will be fun following your blog.


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