Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whatever happened to Wednesday??

OK - I know it is Thursday, I don't know what happened to Wednesday. They say times flies when you're having fun, did I have fun?? I don't remember. I think I did. Oh well they also say that ignorance is bliss, so maybe that's why I'm happy. Anyway there has been some progress on a couple of crafty projects this last week.

Here is the yellow/red quilt I'm calling Cherry Salsa. This portion is sewn together and is currently laid out on the floor.

This portion is not sewn together and is still up on the design wall. I have about 20 more blocks to make for this top. This is the time I get bored with a project. I can see the end but it is still several hours (or days) away and I get antsy to start something new.

Soooooo...... yesterday I went up to Waynesville and got these goodies. The charm packs are from the Panache collection by Sanae.

It has been out for a while and I liked it as soon as I saw it, but every quilt pattern I wanted to make out of it used a Layer Cake and for some unknown reason this collection wasn't made into Layer Cakes - darn it!! So then I came across the Charming Chatter's Quilt Along. This little quilt is so cute and the perfect excuse/reason to use these charm square. The gold fabric is from Nancy Halvorsen by Beneratex - it is a Christmas fabric but it doesn't look Christmasy. I love the big dotty circles. I'm going to play with this in the next day or so.

On the cross stitch front here is where I am with the BBD Mystery Sampler. I got part 4 pretty much complete on Saturday and I started on part 3 today. I still need to go back and fill in all the eyelet stitches in the basket from part 5. I think it is really looking good. Notice that I already stitched in a date of 2010 -- I'm thinking positively!! However after completing part 4 I found that I made a mistake in the upper border, ooops. I'm one stitch short and I am not frogging this - no way. I'm glad the whole piece has a nice relaxed feel. No one is going to miss that one stitch and since I know where I left it out I can make any adjustments needed.

Well I'm off to do something fun so that when I can't remember Thursday I'll figure I must have been having a good time.

Happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. I love coming to your blog because you have cross stitch and quilting! I love your quilt and almost got caught up in the QAL too, but I've got so many irons in the fire already.

    And your BBD piece looks great and I wouldn't worry about the one stitch short - whose going to know honestly! Stitching is suppose to be fun!

  2. Your quilting and cross-stitch pieces are beautiful. I just love your blog header picture.

  3. I am loving seeing different versions/names of the Summer Salsa quilt I made and was published in AP and Q magazine August 2010.
    This quilt was so fun to make and so easy!
    Can't wait to see your version finished.

  4. Love that sampler. And the Cherry Salsa quilt is looking fantastic.

  5. Wow- you are going to town! Your Cherry Salsa quilt is terrific! And I adore your cross stitch! Is that pattern on Barb and Alma's blog? I have to go look.(You say BBD, so I assume)Thanks for visiting my blog!


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