Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

This is the large pond up the street from my house. You can see that it has a lot of Canada geese -or poop machines as we call them. And then there are these guys - two white domestic geese and a male mallard duck.

The geese were dropped off at this pond two years ago. I have no idea why someone would abandon these guys since they can't fly and can't fend for themselves. My kind hearted older son has taken it on himself to keep them fed. Through the last two winters, cold snowy winters, he has gone up to the pond almost every single day and brought them something to eat. Now that the weather is nicer and people are taking evening walks in the neighborhood they get fed a bit more since people let their kids feed them. When the geese see my son walking up they come running to him, squawking all the way. We've gotten quite fond of these guys. I consider them our birds since the homeowner's association won't let me keep chickens (they're no fun at all). Well this spring the little male mallard duck showed up. He doesn't have a mate and has attached himself to these geese. They are the 3 amigoes. a tight trio and this little guy has a definite Napoleon complex. He totally bosses them around and runs off any other fowl that might get close. He's funny as he charges with his head down, full speed toward any interloper. I wonder if he'll migrate and fly away this fall. He doesn't seem to be in any hurry to leave at the moment and my son will continue to see that they stay fed.

The weather here has been lovely, temperatures in the 80's - perfect weather to finish up another pair of socks. These beauties are my favorite "vanilla" sock- just stockinette, mindless knitting. The yarn is from Blue Moon Fibers. It is a lovely yarn and it knits up like butter. This colorway is called Lemongrass. I have 3 more skeins of this Blue Moon yarn waiting to be knit up. I think my next pair will be out of the Cattywampus colorway. I've already knit up a skein of the Spawn of Brawn and Fire on the Mountain. Dontcha love the names? Every time I go to their web site I find more colors I want.

And on the cross stitching front, I took another sampler to the framers tonight. I can't wait to show it to you when I get it back. This is the Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler 2008. It will be a big one about 24" wide by 12" high. Now I started in what I thougth was the middle with that outer border. I stitched to the left and then to the right corners. It fits nicely and I have lots of extra fabric on those edges, but I totally miscounted from top to bottom - it is about 2" higher than I wanted but I had waaaayyy too much stitched to frog it when I figured it out. I'm sure the framer will say bad words when he works on it, but there is enough to work with. I'm liking this a lot. The basket is a turquoise color - very pretty. I've been working on this for about a week and I'm making good progress. I hope I can keep it up and not lose interest. I saw a frame tonight that would look great on this piece, so that should provide some motivation.

Hope your week is going well - happy stitching!

carol fun


  1. Your son will become famous in fowl circles. ;) Back in Gouda, we had a swan and goose pair - they returned to the same pond every year and were very devoted to one another. Your story about the Mallard Drake and his two geese made me think about the swan/goose couple and smile. :)

  2. How sweet of your son to make sure those geese are fed! What a sweet trio with their mallard friend :)

    Love your BBD start, it's looking great so far.


  3. Hi Carol: Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's nice to know you have the same holiday challenge LOL. Your BBD stitching looks beautiful....
    Happy stitching,Nancy

  4. Carol, welcome to blogland. I love your Polka Dot Chicken blog--and your chicken quilts.


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