Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Mid-week already? Time flys whether or not you're having fun, doesn't it? But I have had some fun. I've gotten all 362 different yellow squares cut for the Crazy Mom Quilts project. I can't wait to start sewing them together with the background fabric. I'm planning on rechecking to be sure that each one is a unique piece of fabric by sorting them into categories before I start sewing - dots, stripes, tone on tone, flowers, novelties. And I have to decide just which square will be right smack in the center. I'm leaning toward the little red polka dot chicken, but that
doesn't surprise you does it? LOL

And I finished my Between Charming Friends little quilt.I did a different border because I wasn't convinced I had enough fabrics to do the piano key border. I cut some squares wrong and I discarded some and I didn't feel like going back to get another charm pack. I like this border because it shows off the little squares and that golden dotty circle fabric. I'm thinking that an all over stipple in a pretty variegated thread would be a nice quilting design. I gotta finish this one before the week is over.

No new pic of the BBD Mystery Sampler since I have put very few stitches in it. There weren't any evening baseball games last week and that is my prime cross stitching time. However, I did want to share this picture I took the other day. Since I've started this blog chickens seem to be appearing in the strangest places. I saw this guy in front of an fruit market on SR73. Isn't he something? He'd look great in my garden, wouldn't he? A giant mutant chicken. Gotta cut back on the fertilizer.

Happy stitching,
carol fun


  1. Are there any chickens in those yellow fabrics? You have to have at least one. :-)

    I love the border on your "Between Charming Friends" quilt - it's great!

  2. Carol your quilts are just gorgeous and yes that chicken would be great in your garden, I love it!


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