Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

I don't have a good reason why I haven't gotten my act together until so late this Wednesday, I just been feeling blaaaahhh... no energy. I'd like to blame it on the heat but I spent most of the day inside with the AC going full blast. I do have a couple of things I want to share though.

First this is where my BBD Mystery Sampler stands.

I'm working on the last 2 sections at the same time since I discovered that I made a counting error somewhere along the line and there is NO WAY I'm going back and frogging anything. I'm off 2 stitches on the top to the bottom borders. I'm soooo glad that this piece isn't symmetrical. I'm going to have to shorten a flower stalk here or there or leave out a little motif but I doubt anyone will notice it. I am very happy with this piece and can't wait to see it finished and framed. There is another BBD graph that should arrive tomorrow that I want to start,and getting one piece finished is the best motivation I know of.

And isn't this a great quilt?

Unfortuately, it isn't mine. My friend Laurey made this and it is a gift for her future DIL. The flowers are done in wool on a cotton background. She appliqued this with her Janome. Don't you love the button centers? This is such a happy quilt.

And then there is this cutie --

My niece, Angela, crocheted this adorable polka dot chicken potholder. I love it and I can assure you that I will never tempt fate by actually using it. I intend to hang it on the fridge so I can admire it. It makes me smile!

Hope your week has been more productive than mine. The most I have to show for the week is clean laundry and I doubt that any of you need to see that!

Happy stitching,
carol fun


  1. Your BBD piece looks great! That is one of my favorite pieces! And the quilt looks really fun!!

  2. I just love that flower quilt! And buttons are always a good thing! :0)

  3. BBD is looking awesome! You're right, no one will ever know about the mis-count, not with that type of border. Laurey's quilt is stunning! And that's one cute chicken from your niece. :)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dot chicken pot holder. What a proud teacher you must be! Good job Angela!

    Love Laurey's quilt. If her DIL doesn't like it I'll take it!

    See you soon!

  5. The Mystery Sampler is looking great Carol. Love the pot holder - so cute!

  6. Aww Carol your nieces little chicken is just adorable! Lovely progress on your BBD and Laureys quilt is sooo pretty.

  7. That polka dot chicken pot holder is just the BEST!

    And of course your BBD mystery progress is absolutely beautiful. :D


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