Monday, August 16, 2010

Catching up...

Okay last week I was a total slug - very little crafty stuff done, lots of time sitting and vegging. I'm hoping that this week I'll be more energetic. As the first step on the road to productivity I finally put new batteries in my camera and took some pictures. This is my belated offering for Sampler Sunday.

I think this is a Cross Eyed Cricket piece or maybe a Prairie Schooler graph. The name totally escapes me and I didn't have any success when I looked for it online. I loved all the little bees that buzzed around on this sampler and to justify it within my "only house samplers" criteria I defined the bee skep as a bee house - clever aren't I?

This sampler serves a very useful purpose in my home -- it covers a hole in the drywall. Years ago we had a plumbing leak and my husband ended up cutting holes in the drywall on 3 levels of our house. As an engineer he believes he can fix anything and we've had numerous situations where he has "fixed" things. Not all fixes have been what I would call successful but that doesn't stop him. Well he did repair the holes on the first and second floor but he never got around to repairing the hole in the basement. I got tired of looking at the hole and decided that I could "fix" this situation by hanging a sampler over it. Eventually I ended up hanging a whole display of samplers on this wall - about a dozen smaller pieces. I like my "fix" a lot.

And I did get some knitting done last week. I was in one of those moods where I didn't want to make any creative decisions. I always want to do something creative but sometimes I just don't want to think too hard -- does that make any sense? Anyway for me knitting plain vanilla stockinette socks fits the bill. This is some On Line Sock yarn. I liked this yarn because it is self striping and it has a great pink and orange combination that I don't think I've ever seen before. The stripes do not match. I go out of my way to make non-matching socks. I think they are more interesting that way. I really enjoy knitting socks and when I organized my yarn I realized that the majority of it is sock weight. I was looking at some magazines today and I think I might try to do some mittens this winter. They would be great projects for sock yarn.

Here is my current WIP- the Magic Garden Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler. I changed the floss color of the flowers from Onyx to Orange Marmalade. I see them as day lilies. Then I changed the color of the alphabet to Fragrant Cloves and I highlighted the "C" and the "N" with the Orange Marmalade. "C" and "N" are the initials of my sons. I really love the picket fence with the curved arbor gate. I'd love to have something like that in my garden. Maybe someday.

So I'm starting this week on a positive note and I plan to show some quilting progress before the week is over. I need to get the binding on the Cherry Salsa quilt and I want to pop it in the washer and dryer so it gets all crinkly. I love that look.

Hope your week is happy and productive. Happy stitching!

carol fun


  1. That little bee "house" is the cutest thing! I like your idea of "fixing" the wall. Magic Garden is coming along nicely and I love your personalizations.

  2. Love your stitches! And I concur with your definition of the bee's house!

    Love the changes to the Magic Garden. I have done two of her Jenny pieces and am working on the third. I would like to do this one as well. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Those bees are really cute! I agree the bee hive is a house. ;)

  4. I love the way you "fixed" the hole. Sounds like a great idea to me. :) Those socks look so warm and cozy. I love the colors. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for crafty girl,you.

  5. Great post! :D Love those socks--I so want to make some someday; at present I've only knitted a few rather wobbly dishcloths! (I can crochet, though.)

    That garden-y SP is coming right along! Love your colour changes. :D


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