Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday stuff

I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. I haven't been very energetic but that's okay. I'm just going with the flow and taking it easy. I spent a nice chunk of today with my butt in my chair stitching on my BBD Home is Where My Heart Blooms (oh I'm loving this sampler) and watching tv - mostly baseball. It was a good day for my Redlegs, they're now 5 games ahead of the Cardinals.

My offering this Sunday of the sampler variety is this oldie but goodie from Cross Eyed Cricket - A Walk in the Woods.

I remember working on this piece while sitting in the park watching my oldest son on the swings. Good memories. To satisfy my totally arbitrary requirement of "only samplers with houses" the snail has a house on its back and the nest is definitely a bird's home -- see I can justify anything - LOL! And I just realized that last week I said I'd never stitched a snail before - looks like I was wrong since this sampler is 20 years old. Oh well - my memory is not what it use to be!

Yesterday I did do a little shopping and came home with some cute retro looking fabrics. The selvedge says Johansen Newman for Elizabeth's Studio. What a great collection of kitschy items - my grandma had a teapot clock in her kitchen and I had some pinkish cat eye glasses in the 60's.

I love these ladies, they remind me of my mother. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them but the are a nice addition to my humongous stash of novelty fabrics.

This pretty card arrived in my mailbox this week from my friend Lois in Nebraska.

I love everything about this one! That yellow embossed background the pretty braid trim and the hand made crocheted flower! I put this one on my display board so I can enjoy it every day -- thanks Lois!

Well that's all I got today. I was looking over my July/August goals for Charming Chattter and it is very evident that I didn't do a very good job of meeting them -- I'll have to give myself a bad job review - bad Carol, bad Carol -- there I feel properly chastised. Tomorrow is the last day of August and I think there is one of the unfinished goals I can achieve - No. 10 goal: start a new quilt! Now I didn't get my Crazy Mama Quilts QAL project done but starting a new quilt will take less time than finishing something else. And there is some gorgeous new Moda fabric - Wee Wonderland by Keiki- that is calling to me from the cutting table. I've already picked out the big Schnibble I want to do so I'm going to cut a little and see if I can sew up a block or two.

Happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. What a lovely sampler! I have a cross stitch picture I worked on when my son was a baby. I remember working on it while he had his naps! :0)

  2. Love the Walk in the Woods piece! And that fabric - what fun!!

  3. Its nice to put memories to pieces of needlework. That's a great memory of your son.

  4. Ooh; love the pics in this post! Great Sampler and I too love that novelty fabric. :)

  5. Beautiful piece!

    Ohhhh, love the fabric you got!

    Thank you for stopping by my Blog :o)

  6. Those fabrics are just adorable!


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