Monday, September 20, 2010

Can I get a do over on the weekend?

I'd like to rewind the weekend and do it over again - and get something accomplished! Drama on Friday evening, spilled over to Saturday and left me tired and unmotivated. I spent a lot of time sitting in my barcalounger "watching" college football - that is my son was watching and I listened. I did get some stitching done on my BBD Anniversaries of the Heart piece. I'll show some pictures this week. I am enjoying stitching this. My mood lately is better suited to cross stitch where I don't have to make any decisions, than to quilting where there are more choices. I don't want to deal with choices at the moment since so many other things in life are uncertain. Basically, I don't want to think too hard and cross stitch doesn't make me think - put this stitch in this space with this floss. I like that - A LOT!!

I'm a day late and at least a dollar short on my Sampler for Sunday.

This piece is a Ewe & Eye & Friend and as I remember it is called An Angel for us All. It was done as rememberance piece for Polly Klaas. A young girl who was abducted, molested and killed by a pedophile in California. Such a sad sad story.

I love the verse on this piece and the angel button, and it has those spiderweb roses I love to make.

I did get a little retail therapy in on Friday in Columbus. I went to a yarn shop with my niece and picked up two more skeins of yarn.

The Ty-Dy skein is totally not my usual colors but I thought it would be a good choice for a change of pace. The Opal yarn is light pink and blue - also not my normal selection but I LOVE Opal yarn, particularly the ones with thick and thin stripes and little checky patterns. Opal yarn knits up nicely and washes and wears with no special attention. I have knit several pairs of Opal socks and want to do lots more. I'm still in my one sock mode so I dont' have any finished pairs to show. At last count I'm up to about 10 single socks - sad state of affairs. I need to find the motivation to finish up a couple of these mateless soles.

On the cross stitch front I wanted to show you this great kit I got from my sons for my birthday last week.

I had seen it online at and loved it but thought it was too expensive. My son, bless his heart, ordered it and I can't wait to start it. Again it is a BIG project - 20 X 16 inches. It is a Eva Rosentand design. I will enjoy stitching this since it is primarily one color. The linen and the floss are all included in the kit and the graphs are nice and big. Easy on the eyes.

And here is a parting shot of Big Boy in his natural state.

He is comfy on my son's bed. He seems to spend the majority of his day in this state. Oh to be a pampered house cat! Maybe in my next life!

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. I'd love a do-over too please!!! Love your stitchy goodies - and the yarn colors are lovely. That Eva Rosentand is amazing - I love the pop of color in the middle. Is the main color black or dk navy blue?

    I'm off to start dinner - I'd rather be doing what Big Boy is doing (only in my own bed of course!)

  2. Your stitching is amazing...Let me come back as your cat...please...LOL!

  3. Seeing your Angel piece makes me all giddy. I've had this in my stash for ages and keep pulling it out and then putting it back together again. I love how it came out, and will pull it out again, and this time do it. And love that Eva Rosenstand piece too - reminds me of German papercutting which I love. Can't wait to see your start.

  4. ugh; I've had those weekends! Great new stuffs, though; how kind of your son to spoil you whit that kit! :)

  5. I didn't get anything accomplished this weekend either. We had a family reunion to go to...while it was ok...I didn't get anything crafty done. Thanks for sharing another picture of Bigboy...what a life he has. LOL


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