Monday, October 11, 2010

And now for something a little different......

This morning I was on my way to the library when I decided to get off the main road and go in the back entrance. As I came over the hill, what did I see?? OMG!!!

THE OSCAR MAYER WIENERMOBILE!! Yes I am a bit nuts about the Wienermobile. When I was just a child, back in the dark ages, my uncle's best friend worked for a local meat packing distributor that brought the Wienermobile to town. I remember getting a Weiner Whistle and a tour of the inside of the Weinermobile. I've been crazy about it ever since. Somehow I have passed this obsession on to my oldest son who has a collection of Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Hot Wheels cars. Last Christmas I found a Hallmark Wienermobile ornament that plays the Wiener song - isn't that awesome? I knew you'd understand. Fun Fact - the Wienermobile is 27 feet long and 11 feet high. Glad I don't have to parallel park it!

I thought this pic was cool too. (Remember I am easily impressed - LOL)In high school my oldest son wrote one of those "things I want to do when I grow up" essays and in it he revealed he wanted to drive the Wienermobile across the USA. He turned it into a story where somewhere in Texas he let Jesus take the wheel and found out that the Lord doesn't have a CDL and isn't a very good driver and they flattened an armadillo. He is quite creative -as he says crazy doesn't fall far from the crazy tree. I'm not sure this is a compliment but I do love his imagination.

Here is a picture of my design wall today.

This is the quilt I cut out a zillion pieces for. It is the Kitchen Sink pattern from Scrap-Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.
I'm limiting myself to only Debbie Mumm fabrics - hah! limiting!LOL! - I have hundreds and hundreds of pieces of Debbie Mumm fabrics. Here is a close up of one block.

Do you see the polkadot chickens? Isn't that cool? I knew I had a DM with chickens but I had totally forgotten they were polkadot. See how these themes follow me everywhere. Am I being stalked? Should I be afraid? Nope - I think it will all turn out okay.

Happy stitching...

carol fun

PS - The library was closed today. I forgot it was Columbus day, oh well I discovered the Weinermobile! LOL!


  1. How fun that you saw the weinermobile! When you see something like that you just have to smile. I love what you have on your design wall so far.

  2. Only you could find the "weinermobile" on the way to the library:)! Too funny!

    I love the start of the DM and I recognize a lot of those fabrics as well. Guess I should do a DM - someday:)

  3. I want to ride in the weinermobile. We saw it once and got a whistle. :o) Oh my goodness...I used to have lots of Debbie Mumm in my Thimbleberries.

  4. Hey, I saw the Weinermobile last Saturday (Oct 9th) on my way home from work!


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