Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things you get done when you have no internet....

Okay the last two nights have been so frustrating. Tuesday night we had no internet connection at all and last night it was so sloooooooooowwww that every site timed out before it loaded. I miss reading everyone's blog. However there was an upside. I did get a few things stitched

The pumpkin sampler is Lizzie & Kate'a Autumn ABC sampler. I like it but I wish that my Sweet Potato floss had more variation. The other piece is Bent Creek's Tiny Tim Turkey. I substituted floss everywhere because I wanted to stitch him NOW! The chart has you stitch all the background around the turkey but I'm too lazy and I like the mottled orange background. I need to search my craft stash for some little frames. I'm sure I have something somewhere.

And I got another section of the Anniversaries of the Heart finished. Here are all three I've done.

This is the bonus section. I really like it and I like that it didn't have any over one stitching.

I'm thinking about what I can insert in this section instead of a name and birthday. I'm thinking that there may be a heart or two added here.

Well I need to load this fast before I lose my internet. It seems to be ok during the day but as soon as everyone comes home and gets on I'm squeezed out. Cable company is suppose to come tomorrow and fix it -- can't wait.

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Love the pumpkin and turkey! Glad you could find something to keep you busy while your internet was down! :0)

  2. I can definitely relate to getting more done without the internet! Glad you were productive. I have that LK pattern as well, but haven't stitched it yet. All of your stitching is beautiful!

  3. Great finishes Carol. Your Anniversaries piece is so pretty.

  4. Sweet little finishes, but I'm LOVING Anniversaries of the heart.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment! I see you're stitching Anniversaries of the Heart. Your progress is great! I plan on starting this Jan '11. I'll add you to my reader to follow your progress. Love the autumn smalls too...great job!

  6. Really? I like the Sweet Potato as it is--looks good. :)

    Also, are those the recommended fibers on your checkerboard BunnyHouse? Looks good...


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