Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just believe.....

that there is no such thing as too much snowman "decor".....I know I'm a believer! (another gratuitous vintage song reference) Anyway I have unpacked my snowman and placed them here and there throughout my house.

First, is this little arrangement. I love the giant platter, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm suppose to believe.... that spring will come again?, that being cooped up inside will make you crazy?, that around 100 snowmen is about the right amount one person should possess? I shall have to ponder this further. Meanwhile...

I also love these Jim Shore snow people and here are the special snowman that combine sewing and snow -- ohhhh... how perfect is that? Next, lets move to the mantle...

ummm... its a snowman flash mob! Or the undeniable proof that I am slightly (but only slightly) crazy about snowmen. My oldest son tells me that all these guys give him the creeps because they are staring at him with their little beady black eyes. I've told him that crazy doesn't fall far from the crazy tree and he has half of my DNA so he should keep these comments to himself (it doesn't happen - oh well). Let look closely at some of my favorites, shall we.....

I call his guy a pot head - get it? He's wearing a pot (actually measuring cups) on his head. And how about the disembodied giant snowman head? I have several of these. Is that strange? (no need to answer, I already know).

And this guy is another favorite- love the polka dot scarf and the slightly 50's retro look - reminds me of my childhood - and yes it was in the 50's.

And you can see there are lots and lots of little snow guys - mostly from Hallmark. There were a bunch called the Mitford snowmen (remember that book series by Jan Karon? I need to go back and reread them - I loved them). I have all of them. And do you see a chicken? I see a chicken -- he's stuffed into the snowman head mug - poor guy - he's definitely wandered into a strange crowd.

Well that will do it for my delusional rambling for today. I haven't had a chance to sew this week like I thought I would, but there is always hope for the 3 day weekend. I did get some more stitching done on my BBD AotH and I started another little shawlette - I am such a good starter, its the finishing part that eludes me.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Once again, you and I share a similar passion - I have the snowman cup on the right in the first photo and the Hallmark ornament in the fifth photo and the salt and pepper in the 5th photo - so I guess we both have great taste!

  2. OMG Carol I'm in Snowman heaven. They really all must come visit their scottish!

  3. So cute! I love the snowman head near the pot-uh..head snowman! haha

  4. Great gathering of snowmen!! I had to laugh at "disembodied giant snowman head" as it reminded me of a Calvin and Hobbs comic strip that my son showed me!!


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