Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some quilty New Years thoughts.....

Happy New Year everyone! I'm so glad that I could spend the evening at home quietly with my stitching and my knitting. I am certainly no party animal but I am happy just the way I am (thank you Mr. Rogers.)

Well there has been lots of buzz on the blogs about plans for the new year. Now I don't do resolutions because I know I will not keep them, but I do like to think about what I'd like to hopefully, maybe, somehow, sort of, accomplish in the next 12 months. Nothing dramatic like losing 50 lbs or abstaining from buying fabric or yarn - God forbid! But I did come up with a list of projects I would like to play with.

In the quilting realm, I have a TON of Moda precuts that have been maturing and I believe have reached the proper aging to be sewn up. These quilts are on my list of ones I want to get to -

1. A larger size Paganini Schnibble done in Tweet Tweet by Keiki for Moda. I got the last of charms squares I need for this quilt today.

2. A larger size Bennington Schnibble done in Hoopla by Moda. Picked up 2 layer cakes to do this one, need to find the cute multi-color polka dot background fabric I've been saving for this one.

3. A larger size McGuffey Schnibble done in Wee Woodland by Keiki for Moda. Got all the fabric I need for this - I think.

Are we noticing a trend here? Oh you are sooo perceptive! LOL! Love Schnibbles big and small and Moda. Did you know you can go to Moda's site and see what is coming out in the next couple of months? Check here.

4. Finish up the Crazy Mom Quilts QAL I started this summer. This fits the bill for the monochromatic quilt challenge for January over at the Patchwork Times. Major butt kicking motivation, so this will move up the list and I'll post a WIP next week.

5. The scrappy butterfly quilt that all the cool ladies were doing last summer - here's a sample. I'm thinking all polka dot butterflies and a black Kona background. I found some wonderful black and white fabric for the bodies that has quilty words on it -- perfect!

6. In July, I want to start working on a Fall quilt. I have some Sandy Gervais "Fall Back in Time" and other fall-ish lines. If I start in July I hope to have it ready by October.

7., 8., and 9. In October, I want to return to the scene of the crime and work on my yellow Christmas quilt. Also in looking over my UFO's I found a lap size Christmas quilt of Sandy Gervais fabric and the blocks for a State Fair Schnibble done in Mary Engelbreit "Holly Jolly" collection. Wouldn't those be great additions to the 2011 Christmas holidays?

Wow - if I accomplish all of that I will be soooooo happy. But that doesn't include any knitting or cross stitch or crafty projects and I know that there will be some of them too. I'll talk about them tomorrow. I'm hoping to have a cross stitch finish to show. I was soooo close last night but I fell asleep with the needle in my hand.

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Sounds like you have great plans for the new year! Have fun! :0)

  2. Ahhhh--me thinks you have also forgotten to list when you will do housecleaning, eating, and sleeping--oh don't forget the bath thingy we all have to do--and eating chocolate--which means going shopping!!!!!
    Love the sounds of you goals--have fun!!!!
    I will be watching!!!!

  3. Wow - what fun goals. I'll be looking forward to seeing all of those pretty projects!


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