Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If Mother Nature won't cooperate...

then I'll bring Spring inside myself. Another gray, cold day with snow showers - this is not my idea of Spring. So I decided to decorate the family room mantle in spring finery - a pretty little quilt and some flowery china!

This is may be the only quilt in my house that I didn't make. I purchased it several years ago at an auction that raised funds for breast cancer treatments for women without insurance. It was the only quilt in the auction that was yellow, so it had to be mine.

And among my many collections is flowery china plates. I never spend more than a couple of dollars on a piece and I've gotten more selective as time goes on. Last year I culled the collection and I'm happy with this smaller display.

Do you see Chicken Little? I've been including him in all my mantle displays. Kinda like a poultry "where's Waldo?" I love the pansy plates and there is a little blue edged saucer that came from a tea set my mother had as a child. That one is super special.

I haven't done any cross stitching in the last couple of days because I got sidetracked by this pretty aqua yarn.

This sock pattern is called Spring Forward - very appropriate, don't you think?

The color of the yarn is Ocean. It is Michaels' brand Loops & Threads and this is Sophie, a superfine 50/50 mix of superwash merino and nylon and it was marked down to $2.99 a skein. I don't know why since it just came out but I snapped up several skeins in the Ocean and Flamingo colorways.

Well tomorrow is Opening Day for baseball. The boys of summer - I think they'll be wearing earmuffs when they throw out the first pitch. I've been a Cincinnati Reds fan all my life, so I'll be watching the game, and I'll be happy that I'm not shivering in the stands.

Here's hoping Spring will come and stay - happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Cute mantle display. Love the socks.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Love the mantle! I will have to check my Michael's for that yarn. I haven't seen it...

  3. Your mantle is beautiful, I love all the pretty china. I can see why you got distracted from stitching, that sock is gorgeous!

  4. Love those socks! I've been a Reds fan forever...Johnny Bench, Pete Rose!

  5. Your mantle display is fabulous!! Love all the different plates - and chicken little is cute too!

    Yummy sock yarn!! Wish I knew how to knit!

  6. Your mantle looks very springy and cheery! Love your new's very pretty and springy too :)

  7. Love your mantle display. That does indeed bring a little spring indoors.

  8. Lovely mantel arrangement - especially like the purple pansie plate!

  9. Your mantle looks so springy. Definitely beautiful colors!

  10. You are so talented Carol - knitting and sewing and cross stitch, just love that aqua/teal yarn. Your mantle looks so springy and inviting, so pretty.

  11. I LOVE the teal socks. I may have to buy some of that yarn (if you left any:)) and have you whip me up a pair like this:)

    They are gorgeous, best yet I think! And I've always loved the "spring mantle" the best! Since I have a black thumb I admire your flowers, real and otherwise!

  12. Your quilts just get better and better as you go along. Love the eggs and chickens at the top. Great blog, fun reading.


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