Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday- Butterflies are free...

Wonky butterflies are free if you make them out of fabric you already own - right? Right? Oh I'm glad I'm correct. All of these dotty wonky butterflies are fabrics from my stash as is all of the background fabric. I figure I'm about a third of the way done with this. My plan is to have a center of 15 blocks by 15 blocks. Then an open space and then an additional row of butterflies.

Here is my selection of fabrics for the butterflies- look a cotton rainbow! And an up close view of my dotty pretties.

Cool colors and -

Hot colors.

And this is a couple of these beauties up close. These blocks do waste a lot of background fabric but I'm ok with that. I looked at both of the tutorials and the one that uses charm squares is a more efficient use of fabric but I wanted the larger block.

I should have plenty of sewing time this week, since the forecast is for more rain and Lowe's is totally out of supplies to build an ark - I checked on Saturday. Hope your weather is drier and you have time to play.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Send some of that rain down my way! I really like your butterfly quilt and LOVE that you used all polka dots on them. I need to start collecting some polka dot fabrics now.

  2. ROFLOL! I was ready to go over to Home Depot because they're predicting at least three inches here this week.

    Love that quilt and all those absolutely fun fabrics. You just have to smile when you see those.

  3. I love the butterfly blocks. My mother loves butterflies and I have made them in so many different blocks, this one I have not seen. I love it though.

    glen: definitely free!

  4. Dots rule! I can never have enough in my stash either. These butterflies are wonderful.

    Sorry about the ark!

  5. My friend in Missouri assures me there are more ark supplies expected on Thursday at Lowe's.

    LOVE your butterflies.

  6. Lovely, lovely design. I love your color choices. It will make for a bright, cheerful quilt.

  7. What a wonderfully happy quilt this will be. Love the bright colors.

  8. I love your really bright butterfly quilt. It would be fun to wrap a child up in it.

  9. I love your dotty fabric. A great fabric for butterflies.


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