Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretty Purple Monkey Socks

Okay I have no idea why this sock pattern is called Monkey, but it is a great pattern. These are made with Malabrigo sock yarn and are sooooo soft.

I did the no purl version since it goes faster.

I knit these for Nora the new owner of the yarn shop Lambinkins Hideaway in Hamilton, Ohio. She has never worn hand knit socks and for purely selfish reasons I wanted her to know how wonderful they are. I figured if she had a pair of hand knit socks to wear it would influence her to buy lots of great sock yarn for the shop which I could then add to my stash. Diabolical thinking, isn't it? LOL

And speaking of stash enhancement - I picked up these two skeins of Fiber Optics yarn up in Columbus on Thursday -

I have plans for these to become this Cladonia, such a pretty shawl. I saw that lots of people are doing Camp Loopy and the item to knit this year is a 2 color shawl. Now I won't be participating since I didn't get my yarn from The Loopy Ewe but I am sure enjoying seeing what combinations of yarn and shawl pattern people are coming up with. I love little shawls and I'm very taken with 2 color ones at the moment so I'm sure I am going to see lots of inspiration which will lead to more stash enhancement - its a vicious circle and I think I'm getting dizzy - LOL!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Hi Carol, such a pretty shawl and the colours you have picked will be gorgeous. Cant wait to see it finished. Oh! the socks are fab :)

  2. Love the socks, and love that yarn too! Those colors are beautiful! :0)

  3. Love the socks...I just love grape! The lime and teal yarn is gorgeous too. Can't wait to see what you whip up.

  4. Love the socks!! I don't knit, so I've never had a pair either! ;)

  5. Awesome purple monkeys! I still need to make a pair (I think I must be the only knitter that hasn't!) And I'm totally drooling over that gorgeous yarn, the colors are yummy!


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