Sunday, August 28, 2011

A great BIG sampler for Sunday

Doing the happy dance here.... I got my Beatrix Potter Quaker sampler back from the framer and I LOVE it!!!

As you can tell this is a BIG sampler - 23" wide, 22" high- and it was stitched on a 32count linen. It is an R & R reproduction linen and the color is called Roasted Crown blend. Such a lovely golden color. (Sorry -these pics don't do this justice- it is so pretty in real life)

I used DMC floss for this piece since I couldn't determine how much floss I was going to need since I used different colors for different motifs. I figured if I ran out of a color I would have a better chance of getting a match if I used DMC. I can't take credit for this color combination of linen and floss. I loved the sampler when I first saw in on Needleprint. I bought it and downloaded it on Jan 1, 2010 and when I saw this rendition I knew that was how I wanted mine to look.

I showed it to my son and he immediately looked for his and his brother's initials and found them. I'm glad he's catching on- he's a smart one- LOL!

I had this framed at my local Joann's. They have a dynamite framer, Beverly, who does a wonderful job with needlework. So if you live in the Cincinnati area, check her out at the Mason-Montgomery road location. I can highly recommend her. And with the 65% off coupon a week ago, this only cost me $70. I think that is a very reasonable price for this piece. I picked out the frame and I love the color and that is doesn't overpower the stitching. Beverly said it was the prettiest piece she'd ever frame -- wow! my head is expanding as I type - must come back to earth- LOL!

Now off to do more stitching-
carol fun


  1. What an amazing quilt.....totally!!!

  2. Oh that is truly an heirloom quality piece of stitching Carol - lovely, lovely, lovely!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. what a masterpiece.
    I love the green socks too. You make knitting a pair of socks sounds so easy. . . maybe for you.

  4. Gorgeous Carol, just gorgeous.

  5. What a beautiful sampler, Carol. Your work is exquisite. I have some gorgeous pieces my husband made after he retired - what wonderful heirlooms. The woman who framed the piece certainly did a great job. Enjoy the great feeling of good work that you did!! Carol

  6. Beautiful framing and stitching! I really like the color combo of your BP.

  7. This is just magnificient! Where will you hang this? So beautiful!

  8. What a gorgeous finish and it is lovely framed!!! Congrats!!!!


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