Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I have to show for this week...

Remember back on Monday when I said I had a busy week ahead of me, well, it certainly was. But I did get in a little crafty time. Having the pieces cut out for the Halloween Swoon blocks let me get another one sewn together.

I love the center fabric on this one. It is cute animals dressed up in Halloween costumes - funny stuff - well at least I think so.

And because this busy week had lots and lots of sitting around waiting for other people time in it I was able to finish another pair of socks. These are my wicked Carol Green no-purl Monkey socks.

The yarn in a Lorna's Laces called Carol Green so it was meant for me to have it. My friend Cathy gifted me this yarn for helping her strip the wallpaper off a one of her bathrooms. (One of the skills I've picked up in life- stripping wallpaper- I don't remember ever thinking that this is something I would want to know how to do, but it has come in handy.) And I like the no-purl version of the Monkey sock pattern by Cookie A. I've knitted this so many times that it is seared into my brain. Some day when I can't remember what I had for lunch I'll still remember this pattern - wait, what did I have for lunch? Oh yeah, tacos- whoa that was a close one - LOL!

So today is a glorious Saturday and I don't have to go anywhere and I'm not cooking dinner. Dontcha just love car-side to go? I'm thinking either Carrabas or O'Charley's tonight. Now I'm off to do a little sewing. Only 4 more Halloween Swoon blocks to go.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I expected to see a witch's hat on top of the witch's green knitted shoes (socks)! Like the mean witch in Wizard of Oz who melted.

  2. Love your Swoon block! Awesome socks!

  3. I love that block...amazing...and your socks as well.

  4. Those socks look great! And your block does too! :0)


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