Monday, November 28, 2011

Decision Dilemma for a Design Wall Monday

I got a few more of the flower blocks done this week and up on my design wall, but now I'm in a decision dilemma as to which direction I want to take this quilt. Additionally, I have set up some parameters for myself which add to the situation- I want to make this quilt totally out of fabric I already own. I have plenty of tone on tone yellows and oodles of the white on white background fabric, so what remains are choices on the borders and the leaves for the flowers. This was the first version I "decided" on - this was after auditioning a bunch of different borders.

I'm committed to the circles in the center of the blocks. I think it makes them look more flower like- too bad they cover up the fact that my points are coming together really well. I had to really search to find the fabric for the "leaves" in this version. While my stash is large, most of my pieces are small and I need 1/2 yd of a green to do all these leaves. This green piece was just big enough.

And while I was liking the first version, I went rooting around in my stash again and found this piece of Kaffe Fassett which sent me off in a different direction.

I like the limey green leaves on this version - it is an old piece of Fossil Fern -love that dappled look.

Now this version will need an additional inside border like the first one I showed since I want to get this to be about an 80" square. I know I can find something in my stash for it - maybe a tone on tone yellow. And the more I look at this second version the more I'm leaning toward this choice. It would be brighter than my first version and I do like bright- A LOT! LOL!

The one thing I am sure of is that this is my favorite block....

Love that Hoffman floral fabric and the little cat face makes me smile!

So which version talks to you? And the fabrics do talk, you just have to be quiet so you can hear them - (don't worry I'm pre-registered for a nice padded room somewhere, someday - LOL)

Have a great day- the next 48 hours are filled with driving for me -- oh boy!
Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Hmmm, decisions, decisions! Like both versions, so whichever you have the right amount of fabric may be your decider!

  2. Very pretty! I'm sure it will be beautiful with whatever you decide!

  3. Love version two, scrap buster! I love Kaffe Fassetts! I havent bought any yet, but i do believe i m gonna start stock piling them!

  4. Both versions look great, but I do like the second one better! It's beautiful! :0)

  5. I love the cheerful nature of the first idea. All of the bright centers make me grin.

  6. I like them both! I don't like the inner border that is with the first photo, but I love that border fabric and the colourful centers. I like the second version too, which seems more "controlled matchy"?

  7. They are both adorable. But lime green is like my best friend so I like that one a little better :) I love the lime green with the red centers. Just makes me smile, both of them!

  8. I'm such a fence sitter when it comes to decisions like this but, I do believe I have a slight preference for the second version!

  9. I like the Kaffe Fasset version, I think the colour is better. Love the blocks!

  10. What a fun, fresh quilt that will be! I really like your 2nd option.

  11. What a bright, cheery quilt! I, too, think the Kaffe fabric is so perfect with it. It's fascinating how the change of a bit of fabric can change the entire piece. Have fun with this, Carol!!


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