Sunday, April 22, 2012

A 5-peat for Sampler Sunday

Well all 5 of the cross stitch pieces in this picture are things I have shown before. I think they look lovely together on the table in my foyer. This little arrangement is the first thing you see when you open the door.

And you can tell how much I love Blackbird Designs as 4 of the 5 are their creations. First is the Prairie House Sewing Case from A Stitcher's Journey.

Next is Summer Basket which was Loose Feathers #38.

And then I have My Quaker House from With Needle & Thread.(I couldn't find this one anywhere online. It was published back in 2007 and I guess it is OOP.)

This little bird is with the alphabet is Gathering Basket. I just picked up that stand at Joanns yesterday with a 50% off coupon. And the little porcupine cushion is from one of those little cards from Prairie Schooler.

The table is topped with a runner I made from the Verna collection by Kate Spain. And the yellow candles, forsythia and bird are from Michaels. The bird was a gift from my BFF Stephie. All in all it makes a display that I enjoy walking by throughout the day. My house has a circular flow around the staircase and I find myself walking so I can look at the cross stitch rather than surveying my kitchen which always has something that needs to be picked up. Looking at these pretties is good for my mental health!

I did get the Tournicoton piece finished and I took it to Joanns yesterday so I got to use that great Michaels framing coupon. I was on their website a minute ago and they still have a coupon for the 60% + 15% here. Joanns signs all say they take competitors coupons and I have no trouble at my Joanns.

Now what should I stitch? Last night I was too tired to pick up a needle but tonight should have some stitching time. I should work on my AoH but I'm itching to start the Rosewood Manor Quaker Diamonds with the Valdani thread. I need to look in my stash for some linen for this one.

Hope you have a great week!
carol fun


  1. Way to go girl. They are all lovely. Wish my foyer was as beautiful as yours. I do have a foyer at this house, but not the time to devote to making it pretty. I guess my priorities are out of place, huh? :) Nice finishes.

  2. They all look so fabulous together...and sometimes we are just too tired. HOpe you got rested up.

  3. Love your grouping ... it definitely says Spring.

  4. Beautiful! I'm a huge sucker for Blackbird Designs.

  5. Beautiful Stitched Pictures and the Table Runner!

  6. Such a pretty and welcoming display Carol!

  7. Beautiful pieces Carol. I love the way that you have them displayed.
    I can't wait to see the Tournicoton piece framed.
    I think the Quaker Diamond design is lovely. Do you like the Valdani fibers?

  8. Beautiful display! I love each and every one especially My Quaker House:)

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. REally beautiful! I'd wander past that display many times a day too!


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