Sunday, May 20, 2012

A short stroll down memory lane on a Sampler for Sunday

Okay, technically this isn't a sampler, but it is definitely a stroll down memory lane for me. I think this little piece is the very first cross stitch I did on linen.

Now I have no idea who's design this is or what it was called. All I remember is I stitched this about 27 years ago and it was from the Better Homes and Gardens Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine. Do you remember that one? I loved that magazine and I dearly wish I hadn't gotten rid of my back copies. One or two still lurk in my stash but not the one this piece appeared in.

I think I may have changed the colors of this piece since that dusty turquoise and rose are the colors of my bedroom in 1985.  I know I changed the hair color of the mother and child to reflect me and my first born son.

It is a sweet little piece that still hangs in my bedroom even though these are no longer my colors. This is one of less than 5 cross stitch pieces I have had matted and framed. Early on I made the decision to do my samplers with simply frames - no matting - a decision I'm still very happy with. And in continuing my stroll down memory lane I found a sampler I started probably 15 years ago in my stash. It doesn't need much to finish it so I think I'll work on it tonight. It isn't my style choice right now. It is a primitive but it is "cute country". It has elements that sucked me in which explains why I started it, however it is on a very loosely woven piece of linen which is driving me crazy. Nowadays I would never stitch on something this loose, so I guess I've learned something over the years.

Here's hoping your week has lots of stitching time -

carol fun


  1. It is a very sweet piece and special that you stitched the hair to your own

  2. Sweet memories in stitches!

  3. That is such a sweet piece, and I definitely to remember that magazine. I think that I had every copy of it. But then lack of space (and many more years of collecting magazines) and I ripped my favorites out of them and filed them away.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Carol. Each piece we stitch holds memories of that time in our lives. It is always so interesting to see what our tastes were then and what they are now.
    I am curious to see the project that you are finishing up.

  5. Very sweet! Isn't is fun to see how our tastes and styles change over the years? It is always fun to see what memories pop up when looking at an older piece as well.


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