Sunday, June 10, 2012

A work in progress for Sampler Sunday

Where does the time go???? Sunday, already??? Seriously I think someone is stealing hours out of my days. And that's my excuse for why I don't have a finished sampler to show today. I am making progress on Willie's Quaker Band by Monastarium Design.

I love the look of this sampler, I just wish I could stitch faster and find more hours in the day to stitch. In trying to remember what it was I did last week, there wasn't too much that was memorable. I did help my son get a small couch moved into his new office at work - and it looks very nice. And I helped my other son study for his final exam of the quarter - and he did well. But the rest of the week was a blur of errands and laundry and running around.

And looking ahead, this upcoming week doesn't look any better. In fact, there is even less time available for stitching from what I can see. Which leads me to believe that I will not get this done in time to use the super coupon for this sampler. I do have another smaller sampler, so it won't go to waste. But I may have to hold out for another super duper coupon to get this one framed. Oh well, such is life.

Here's some close ups of what I've completed.

I love the Quaker motifs and the little leaf and bird and crown make me smile.

I did stitch a couple of evenings into the wee hours of the morning. I would have a motif started and tell myself that it had to be complete before I went to bed. I have no idea why I tell myself this stuff or why I make myself do it - I certainly wouldn't let anyone else boss me around like that - LOL! Tonight there should be some stitching time in front of the tv watching the baseball game - Cincinnati Reds versus Detroit Tigers. They are both playing good baseball, but my heart is always with the Reds. As I kid I spent many an evening listening to the ball game on the radio with my Grandma and now even though I have it on tv, I listen more than I watch.

So I hope your week has some quality stitching time and if anyone finds the hours I've lost I'd love them back. (I know I'm delusional but it is a nice little world - LOL)

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I am the same way---I tell myself that I have to finish this section or two more rows to this pattern or what ever--so I guess I am a tough boss of myself toooo!!!!
    I do love that sampler you are working on now--
    I need to do some cross stitching--have some to finish--but there is so much 'other'projects on the table right now!!! Ahhh--maybe next week will have some more hours in it for the both of us!!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  2. Well I think you're making great progress. THat's a lot of work! And it's beautiful. So there.

  3. What a beauty that is, Carol. I am sure there will be another coupon to use at a later date. I don't blame you for wanting to use that to save money - framing is so very expensive. And I love your chicken and fried egg quilt soooo much! That is gorgeous.

  4. Sampler is looking wonderful!

  5. That is really beautiful Carol!

  6. So pretty! And: the Reds are winning. Life is perfect!

  7. I don't know... You just might make that deadline. You've got a lot more done.

  8. I think the blue feather is my favorite motif so far.

  9. I feel the same way about time right now. where is it going??
    You are making great progress. I love it.

  10. The sampler is looking beautiful, Carol! Speaking about time...wish there's a store that sells extra days are too short too...

  11. What a beautiful sampler Carol! It's so colorful and bright - a perfect summertime stitch.

  12. It's coming along nicely! You've gotten a lot more done since I saw it last!

  13. Love the colors in the piece...and the alphabet going down the side!!!
    You're moving along--just keep it up!!!


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