Monday, July 16, 2012

1,296 squares sewn together for Design Wall Monday

All 36 of the 36 patch blocks are done!!! That makes 1,296 squares sewn together! I've used a total of 54 different Kaffe Fasset/Phillip Jacobs/Brandon Mably fabrics in this design. Those guys really know their fabric!

Ignore the extraneous junk in this shot, I had to get really far back to get all of the blocks in the picture. Now there will probably be some tweaking of which block goes where but not much.

Of the last batch of blocks these are my favorites....

I really like the mix of the aboriginal dot fabric (looks like half of a deviled egg to me) and the large scale prints. I think that deep blue sashing with the pop of golden yellow is really going to make this a technicolor creation.

And I even got ambitious and picked up all the fabric that was strewn on the floor and whacked off some 1 1/2" stripes from all of them. Don't they look pretty??

I have another Kaffe/Phillip/Brandon project planned. A strippy quilt block design with some black and white prints added in. I love projects like this. I've made several log cabin and pineapple block quilts with strips -that mindless sewing of pretty fabrics just makes me happy! Check back to see what progress I make on this one, because.....

there is another quilt I want to dive into. The Scrap Jar blocks - the tutorial is here. Karin of Livin' Life at the End of a Dirt Road and Darlene of Quilting Daze and Staci at The Confused Quilter have all been working on this one and I can't wait to start one for me. I decided on my color scheme and now I need to dislodge a bunch of fabric from my shelves and get to cutting squares - lots of squares- but I know it is going to make a fun quilt.

So there is some driving time needed for today's activities and maybe I can squeeze in some sewing time too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That's a lot of squares. Very colorful love the quilt.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Love your blocks! I have a 16 patch quilt on my someday list.'s a long list! LOL

  3. Another beautiful quilt in the making! Do you ever sleep? You have so many lovely projects going...I just can't keep up with you woman! :)

    Thanks for the all make me want to quilt! :)

    Hugs to you and Big Dude, too. :)

  4. You get to wear the cape today - that is a lot of squares, but they are amazing and I think it would be difficult to choose a favorite block. The contrast is amazing and I love the way you are going to sash them. I'm super excited that you are going to join us in the Scrap Jar Star craze! Staci and I have been away so everything has been on hold. I may have to start more stars for another quilt until she gets back. Can't wait to see what you're going to pull!

  5. I love your blocks! Wish I could pick a favorite - wait - all of them! LOL

    A Scrap Jar Star quilt coming soon - woohoo!!!! Can't wait to see your fabric choices.

  6. wow you had me at 1296 squares sewn together,,awesome job and it looks beautiful,,cant wait to see the finish product,,thanks for sharing..

  7. What beautiful colors and all those squares!! This will be a wonderful quilt!

  8. quilt is looking marvelous! I too could not choose just one.

  9. That is a lot of squares!!!!! Congrats on getting them all sewn. I love that aboriginal dot too. Playing with fabric is almost never a bad thing :)

  10. WOW< what a bunch of hard work putting together all those little nine patch squares. It's going to make a beautiful quilt. Some of the most simple..yet hard work...designs make the best quilts. Thanks for stopping by my blog...PEG

  11. Wow! What a lot of squares!!!! Great finish - love it!

  12. Love love love your blocks...and even the scrap basket is to die for!!

  13. They are absolutely beautiful! One day I'd like to do a quilt like that one, I absolutely adorn that pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Now that's an insane number of pieces, but such a beautiful quilt.


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