Sunday, July 8, 2012

A sampler that is close to my heart for Sunday

I hope that you don't mind revisiting samplers I've shown before. I did drop off a new piece to Joanns to be framed today so I should have something new to show in a week or so. The sampler I'm showing today is so close to my heart. This is "Home is where my heart blooms" from Blackbird Designs.

Oh how I pined for this chart. This is an OOP Blackbird Design and I bid on it several times on ebay and lost each time. Then I saw that Myra from Gr8dame's Place had finished it. I contacted her and she swapped me this chart for another BBD publication. Some of the nicest people are bloggers, arent' they? After I finished it I swapped it to another stitcher and the chart moved on.

I love this little flock of birds each on its own little perch.

And this is such a great looking house. I love the saying and I personalized it by adding my sons' initials in the corners.

I also love all the different borders. It makes me think that the designer has the same issues I have, in that I love so many styles of borders that I couldn't chose just one. This is one of those charts that has sold for outrageous prices. I understand supply and demand but prices that are 5 or more times the original price just doesn't seem right. My experience trying to get this chart has lead me to purchase BBD charts I like as soon as I see them. Who knows if any of them will be OOP one day, but if they are I would hope that I wouldn't gouge another stitcher over the price.

Well it is thundering outside and I hope we get some rain. We certainly need it and we could use some lower temperatures. Multiple days of temperatures over 100 is just too darn hot for Ohio. I've spent most of my weekend hunkered down in the basement stitching on my BBD AoH and watching old movies and baseball. A very pleasant way to spend my time, don'tcha think?

Stay cool - happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Lovely sampler! Try to stay cool!

  2. I love that sampler! I have tried to get it on Ebay too! No Luck!!Plus I love the frame. Our JoAnns does not have frames that are that pretty!!

  3. This remind my most favorite piece Carol. I am glad I could help you out with the chart. Your frame choice is just wonderful. Hoping for rain here too.

  4. That is a really lovely sampler. You are right, bloggers are a generous lot. I hope things cool down for you soon. The US heatwave was on the news last night. Best thing to do in the hot weather is to keep out of the sun, drink plenty of water, stay in the shade and avoid strenuous exercise....So you are ticking all the boxes stitching in your basement! :)

  5. Great sampler! No rain here but the temps are going to drop to the 80's. We can only hope.

  6. Sounds like a great way to spend an ultra-hot day! We reached 90F today for the first time this summer - that's too too hot for me. What a great sampler - lovely sentiment and the borders are awesome!

  7. Lovely sampler. I agree that there are some charts you just need to have even though you may not stitch them for awhile.
    I hope that you get some rain and a cool down too.
    It sounds like you had a perfect weekend.

  8. I do love a lot of the old BBD's such a pity they are so hard to get hold of! Yours looks so pretty!

  9. Beautiful! Lovely stitching. :)

    I love the birds, and the colors used.

    I am with you, I hope if I ever have something that I won't be so selfish to gouge a fellow stitcher. That's just so sad that someone would do such a thing...but then so awesome that the kind lady traded with you so you could stitch it...bloggers really are the coolest people on Earth!

  10. That is a most excellent way to spend your time on a hot afternoon. Wish we had a basement!


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