Monday, December 3, 2012

Big Stars for Nick on Design Wall Monday

It got too big for my design wall, so here again is a picture of my latest quilt top on the floor of my foyer - Big Stars for Nick! Oh Nick and I are both happy with this one. It finished 82" square which should be a generous size for his bed.

It was my idea to add the little black stars. Those speckles are a metallic gold.

This giant star pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. - you can see the video here - is quick and fun. I did two of these this month and I know I'm going to make this pattern again some time.

And stitching up this one was a trip down memory lane. I only used a tenth of the fabrics I used in my Debbie Mumm version but there were certainly a lot of familiar manufacturer and designer names on the selvedges. VIP, Hoffman, Makover, Jinny Beyer, Nancy Crow, Mary Ellen Hopkins and I tossed in some Debbie Mumm blacks.

The black is Debbie Mumm and the red is a Hoffman...

The red is a Hoffman and the black is a Jinny Beyer...

The red is a Mary Ellen Hopkins and  the black is another Debbie Mumm.

I have the top, the back and the batting all bundled into a tote bag to take to the guild meeting tonight to give to Cass for her to quilt. I'm thinking an allover pattern of stars and loops.

And I got the binding on my Christmas quilt late last night. I'm taking it for show and tell this evening - my favorite part of our meetings. I'll take some pictures of it on my bed tomorrow.

Hope you have a great week. I have big plans to start getting my Christmas decorations out, but first I need to figure out how to re-arrange the family room to fit the tree in. An extra recliner got added to this room and it is wall to wall furniture.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love the lemoyne star for your furniture problem I can sympathize. We did our shifting around Saturday and Sunday. Every year it is a new adventure. This year we couldn't get the two too big recliners out the door to the garage. Still looking for how the backs come off!

  2. This looks great! Looking forward to seeing the Christmas quilt tonight.

  3. This looks great! Looking forward to seeing the Christmas quilt tonight.

  4. Big blocks make big quilts fast. It is very modern looking with all that red and black and very masculine. Excellent!

    We have the too much furniture problem in our living room too. Until hubby can let go of his dad's old upright piano that no one has ever played, it will continue to be crowded!

  5. A very cool quilt. You and your son have great taste?

  6. Very nice graphically 'clean' quilt for a young man.

    I know what you mean on the 'fitting the tree into the room'.......whose bright idea was that to begin with anyway? Hubby suggested going into the woods to cut a live tree this morning......I said, "no, we'll have enough trouble fitting the little 4-footer I bought in the after-Christmas sales last year ! He'd be sure to pick out a 7 footer.

    Lottie's going to be a blast with this tree.......she already climbs ME !


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