Friday, December 28, 2012

Thoughts about what has been on and off my needles in 2012

I know I'm not the only one who gets their week all out of whack when there is a holiday, and if I am the... only one humor me. I will say the holiday break has given me time to sit and think. Well honestly, what gave me time to sit and think was the fact that my internet has been incredibly spotty. Without my online diversions... Pinterest, Raverly, Ebay, a bajillion blogs...I decided to figure out what I have knitted over the last 12 months. I was pleasantly surprised at my output. I have completed 17 pairs of socks - 3 of which were the humongous ones for my son which should count as 1.5 pairs but I won't argue with myself... although I could...I'm good at it -LOL! And I have knitted 4 shawls, however only 1 of them has gotten blocked. Now some of the pairs of socks were partially knit in previous years but they were completed in 2012. I still have a collection of mateless socks which are waiting to be paired up in some coming year, so I figure the total pair number is a wash.

As for this week I finished the last pair I'll get to in 2012, my lovely yellow Carolina socks - you can find the free pattern here.

I will do another pair with this pattern, and make an adjustment in the K3tog part. I think it would be easier to K2tog and then slip 1 over. You'd get the same result although it might look different than the K3tog version, but I don't think so... and I have waaaay over thought this.

I started another pair of plain stockinette socks. These are Regia Design Line "Garden Effects" in the Herb Garden colorway.

I love the colors - eggplant, paprika, teal, olive green and a chartreuse-y green.

A week ago heyitskarla whose blog is These are a Few of my Shinest Things left me a comment about what were the wire frames I showed with my socks. Unfortunately didn't have any way for me to respond to her comments so I thought I'd talk about it here. These are wire sock blockers.

I have NO intention to EVER block a pair of socks. I only purchased them so I could take better pictures of my socks. I like how they let you show the pattern the way it would look on your foot and it is easier to take pictures this way then on my feet with my pale and pasty calves blinding you.

I like taking the time at the end of the year to reflect on what I have accomplished. However I have no intentions of making any New Year's resolutions about what I will get done in 2013. I'm no good at resolutions. However I have decided that this year before I buy new yarn I should first "shop the stash". I have a lovely selection of yarns I have purchased that are now malingering in plastic bins in my storage room. I'm going to free a few and let them see the light of day. Now I didn't say I wasn't going to buy any yarn next year (although it would be possible) cause that is just crazy talk! But I'm going to try to be a bit more judicious in my purchases... at least I'll try to try- LOL!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Love the socks and yeah, I totally agree that your son's socks count as 1.5 projects. There, so now you have more projects you finished for 2012. :)

    Oh, I am going to try to be more "judicious" in my yarn buying for 2013, but I have a feeling it won't be possible...since you know that I am the mayor of crazytalkville!

    Hugs and blessings

  2. I agree with Stitchy....Your son's socks should be considered 1.5 pairs. I have the same problem with days/dates on the holidays...You are not alone! I was asked yesterday if I have any New Years Resolutions. My reply was "craft lots". ;) As for our stashes....They are like compost......Keep adding a bit to the top, mixing it up in the middle and keep things coming out at the end.

  3. Your yarn is malingering? Well, bust those naughty lying skeins! Love your yellow socks. I had no idea socks might need to be blocked, having never knitted that much. Glad you're not going for any crazy talk about not buying anything, but agree that stash shopping is a fine idea :) Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful socks! And yes, Son's count as 1.5. be kind to yourself!!

  5. You obviously need to befriend a person who has only one foot.

    Well done on the finishes.

  6. I say mismatched socks are the way to go! Our daughter is the queen of mismatched socks. I tell her that is why she is always running into everything. As for me, I will be ringing in the New Year in my Happy Socks! :)
    So happy that you are being reasonable and not falling into crazy talk about not buying yarn all year. If you did, I would have to question your sanity and it would make for a very sad year for your sock fans...of which I am at the top of the list!

  7. Seems like the last 2 weeks of Dec are always a bit of a blur and a time for reflection and planning. Impressive list of knitting finishes!! I only started knitting again last May and have started a stash of yarn it just calls to me and being a very tactile person I can't help myself and I would hate to be caught in a 5 day blizzard with no yarn.


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