Monday, January 21, 2013

Having fun on Design Wall Monday

I am having a lot of fun with these Scrappy Trip blocks. I have 8 finished and my plan is to do 36 total... so there are 26 to go.

So far every strip is unique. I would have no trouble making every colored strip one of a kind in this quilt. I'm not sure about the black/white I'm using in the center. I love going through my novelties and brights slicing off a 2 1/2" strip.

So far I have monkeys on trapezes...

chickens from the 60's....

and even Charlie Brown and Snoopy among  the blocks.

I plan on adding lots more of these kinds of prints. And even if I do make this quilt totally unique... a total of 216 strips it will hardly make a dent in my stash. But it does make my heart happy to know this is going to be a totally FREE quilt. Do not point out the total fallacy of my logic since I know I paid for every single piece of fabric in my stash... but if I can't remember what I paid for it (and I am getting older and fuzzy of memory) it must be FREE fabric.

Okay, I'm off to indulge in more fabric slicing and wandering around in my stash.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. OMG, Miss Carol, I love this one! I love the variety of prints.

    Very, very cute!

  2. Great fabrics! Those Scrappy Trips blocks are fun to make and a great way to use lots of different fabrics.

  3. I'm so far behind in catching up with my favorite blogs...what a fun post to return to! I love the little seek and find pieces you are adding to your blocks - it's like a walk down memory lane and it'll be like an 'I Spy' quilt. I've got plenty of novelty pieces if you need more! Love your 60's chickens!

  4. I have seen so many people doing this quilt - a lot of them on Instagram and really want to join it, but have controlled myself (not saying for how long though). Love your fabrics that you've put into it. Reminds me of an I Spy quilt that I found in my craft room cleanout. I really should pull it out because those fabrics are so much fun!

  5. Monkeys on trapezes!!!! Too cute. I kind of like your b/w centers. It is nice to have one constant in these wild blocks.

  6. It's looking good! I love all the fun prints! :0)

  7. Love your logic about a free quilt!! Plus it is going to be delightful!

  8. Carol that is so darn much FUN! I love it!

  9. It's a happy quilt. I think you have more stash than I thought, LOL. I like the black.

  10. Ooohhhh...what fun this one is going to be!


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