Monday, January 14, 2013

Now this is more like it... on Design Wall Monday

Okay the big brown plaid star quilt I showed last week will be a nice gift but it was NOT making me a happy quilter. Now this is more like it...

my first two Scrappy Trip blocks. Oh I LOVE these! The colors, the dots, the chickens.. they make my heart sing! This kind of sewing is better than Prozac!.

I spent a little time last evening cutting some strips. I know I'll need lots more but this is a nice start.

My plan is to use a black/white print in the center of the block with rings of color. I like the idea of some structure in what is going to be a busy quilt.

Oh and I did get the back together for the plaid star quilt. I used my flannel stash and came up with this.

My oldest son said it looked manly...and since it is for my brother that's a good thing. Now to get it quilted and gifted.

Hope you have a productive week. I'm looking forward to playing with the Scrappy Trip blocks and cutting some novelties for the Wiggly Whimsey SAL.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Love your patchy, polka dotted, happy blocks. They are much better suited than the big flannel star....but oh the star will be nice to snuggle under on a cold evening.

  2. I love the materials you're using in your scrappy trip along! I'm making one too, my center row is going to be royal blue to tie it all together.

  3. Your stash is so bright and happy--I have absolutely nothing like these prints. The scrappy trip is on my list but mine will be much quieter than yours.

    The backing is very manly. Looks like a tree!

  4. Those are just fun fabrics. No wonder it makes you happier :)

  5. Oh, I'm not supposed to be envious, but wowzer, that's a goodlooking bunch of fabrics for that scrappytrip !

    I 'finished' cutting mine out today, but I know I may have to make some substitutions as I go along. I cut for 42 blocks ! I chose pastel to medium range fabrics, so it won't be quite as 'joyful' as yours ...... ooh I like yours !

    I am going to try to keep a darker strip through the middle of each block. Wish me success......and have a ball with yours. It's going to WONDERFUL !

  6. You new start is so colorful and happy looking!

  7. Oh! We saw Peter Noone and the group two years ago when they came to Baton Rouge! It was a fun concert.

    love the socks, I need to learn to knit those....


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