Thursday, February 7, 2013

Showing my Socks

Now that I'm getting into the routine of "showing my socks" on Thursdays, I'm putting an extra bit of thought into my sockware selection. Today I picked this pair...

and yes that is Big Dude's tail in the picture. He was a bit clingy this morning. Anyway I have lots of socks made with self-striping yarns. I LOVE LOVE LOVE self-striping yarns. This particular yarn is DROPS Fabel from Nordic Mart. You can find it here. This colorway is Candy Mix. I am particularly fond of the chartreuse olive-y green stripe and the fuchsia stripe and the hint of orange. A great color combo that I wouldn't have thought of.

This yarn is inexpensive and you can machine wash/tumble dry. Very easy care. Also I went out of my way to NOT match the stripes. After knitting the first sock, I took the ball for the second sock and rewound it so the stripe pattern was reversed from the first ball. Fraternal twin socks!

Do you match your socks to your outfit? I confess I do. Today I'm wearing a turtleneck in that same chartreuse olive-y green color. I always like to coordinate my socks to my outfit. I blame this OCD tic on the fact that for 12 years of my life I wore a uniform to school every day. Twelve years of white blouses (mostly with Peter Pan collars - I still love them!) and a jumper or skirt in some boring shade of navy or grey or a combination of both! YUCK! These outfits were accessorized with a sweater or blazer, again navy or gray, and knee socks in navy or grey. In high school I rebelled and wore socks that were green - I got a detention. Somehow nuns don't have a well developed fashion sense.... which should have been very apparent to me since they only wore the same black and white clothing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sheesh I was clueless.

Anyway to this day I feel the need to coordinate my colored clothing. The fact that I have very little grey in my wardrobe reflects on how I associate the color with school uniforms. I tolerate navy because denim jeans are mostly navy. But I do have a soft spot for white blouses. There is a nice selection of white tops in my closet. And to cap off my high school years, I along with several other girls, burned my school uniform - a grey plaid pleated wool skirt that I HATED - prior to our graduation day. Hey, other gals were burning bras back then  - the '70s were happening! LOL!

Happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. I think we all know you just a little bit better today !

    I wish I could point to something to explain MY behaviour........LOL !

    That looks like my Lottie's tail, there in the photo ! I she Siamese?

  2. I always try to match my socks to my outfit. I think I do that because I was a nurse for over 30 years, and wore scrubs more than I did regular clothes, so the only fashion was the socks, lol.

  3. I do try to match my socks ~ it would be easier if I had fun colorful socks like you!!

  4. Since I wear white , navy, or black socks I have very little to match!! However, I do love your colorful socks!

  5. I love your comments on color! I'm a color person too. Can't wear black or gray or pastel! I have an obscenely large drawer-full of fun, colorful, novelty socks and I wear them with shoes that shoe them off. Love your socks!!

  6. This was such a funny post. Made me laugh. Really like your sock colors too. I also match my socks to my outfit when possible, so you are not alone.

  7. Me thinks the nuns were probably wearing fun socks under all their drab garb, and if not, they should have been! Sometimes I'm a sock matcher and other times I am a rebel although our girl is the real rebel. Not sure she's ever worn a matching pair of socks since she's been dressing herself. She's always running into, and tripping over things, and I tell her it's because her feet are mixed up. Thus far, she's not buying it. :)


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