Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another pooling sock yarn candidate

I took this picture last week before I cast on my next candidate in the Pooling Sock yarn challenge you can see here on Judy's blog the Patchwork Times. This is another Opal Antonia Hand Dyes - colorway 3170. They still have it here on WEBS. All the other colorways of this yarn have pooled and flashed wonderfully so I have high hopes for this one too.

Here's what it looked like before I wound. My son said they look like the colors you see on a road construction project. That orange is the color of the double yellow stripe down the middle of the road and there is a touch of that fluorescent green that outdoor workers are always sporting.  Maybe I'll call these my construction socks!

Check back on Friday. I have a lot of sitting around waiting time in my schedule this week so I should be able to make some good progress on this one.

Happy knitting!

carol fun


  1. That is s typical remark for a boy, very funny!

  2. Your son's comment is too funny....however, to me I picture a sunset over a tropical sea, while sipping on a refreshing beverage brought to me by cabana boys!

  3. Oooo pretty yarn!! Can't wait to see what happens when you get it all knitted up :0)


  4. Those are going to be beautiful.


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