Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It was a magnificent Monday!

It was a magnificent Monday!!! It began with breakfast with my quilty lady friends and a truly tasty coconut waffle -- with a yummy side of bacon. And then I said "I'm thinking of going up to the Fabric Shack. Want to join me?" And my partner in crime shopping, Stephie responded "Sure I'll go." So off we went. Now I'm lucky to live only 30 minutes or so from Fabric Shack . If you haven't checked them out in person or online, you should. They have a fabulous selection of fabrics and great prices. And they didn't pay me to say that - the people in the store are just as nice as their fabric!

So after a lovely drive, blue skies and sunshine, we arrive. Stephie urged me to ask if the new Kaffe Fasset collection had arrived. We are both BIG fans of his fabric and the buzz was there would be new fabrics this week. So I asked and they said "Wait a minute, Mandy will bring it over from the warehouse." In a flash, Mandy back up her BIG SUV and opened the back hatch and oh my goodness!!! It was absolutely stuffed with bolts of the new Collective by Kaffe Fasset, Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs. There were EIGHTY TWO bolts of gorgeous fabric! (If you want to check them out I put links on each of the designer's names and you can click on them. I'm not responsible for any damage to your keyboard from drool- LOL!)

So I know stop with the yammering and show me the fabric.... here it is...

Group photo!

I was GOOD, very very GOOD. There were 82 bolts and I only got a 1/3 yard cut from 24 of them. Such restraint! (Again with the disclaimer, I'm not responsible for your spewing your coffee on your keyboard from the absurdity of my statement regarding restraint.)

Here are the cool blues...

the hot pinks and reds...

and the wonderful wonderful yellows....

I was thrilled with how many yellows were in this collection. Now I can't wait to cut into these beauties and sew sew sew.

Getting these fabrics was a total surprise. My main intent when I decided to go to Fabric Shack yesterday was to get a yard of the rusty Moda Grunge that I need for my Hourglass quilt -- never fear, I did get it and 3 yds of the buttery yellow Moda Grunge too!

It was a magnificent Monday!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Looks and sounds like a most MAGNIFICENT Monday indeed! Love the new fabbies!!

  2. LOL - I KNEW more than a scruffy half yard was going to catch your eye! :) I DO think you showed a lot of restraint. I would have thought that you would have carjacked the SUV and headed for the hills. LOL. It would not be safe for me to live that close to the Fabric Shack. You certainly found some yummy treasures and it's always fun to have a partner in crime along for the ride!
    I'm thinking we should make Magnificent Monday's a weekly goal!

  3. Thanks for all those lovely photos of the new Kaffe fabrics. Those hot pinks and reds... a thing of beauty.
    Glad you had a good Monday.

  4. OMGosh I'm impressed with your restraint!!! Truly beautiful fabrics.....I'm so jealous :0)


  5. Glad you had such a great day! Super colored fabric!

  6. What a fun shopping trip. I love your fabrics. Nola

  7. I can see it was a magnificent Monday for you!! Kaffe is my very favorite and I love his new collection!! And I agree, I was so surprized to see so many yellows. But, yummmmmmm!!!

  8. What a gorgeous haul of fabrics!! I have some of the new ones and they are beatiful - they feel so silky. Have fun, Carol Fun, playing and working with your pretty purchases! Carol

  9. ACCK!! No links--no links!! I love the yellows! Nope, not clicking on a link--I'm just gonna admire yours!

  10. Oh gosh!! Love the colors and patterns!! I can always count on you to bring some fun, happy splashes of color into my day!


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