Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My haul from the International Quilt Festival

One of the many engagements I had last week was to attend the Preview Party Wednesday night at the International Quilt Festival in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio - my home town! I went with a group of my quilty lady friends and we had a nice time.

Now before I went I thought about what my stash needs. The little angel on my right shoulder said "your stash needs NOTHING", the little devil on my left shoulder said "BUY IT ALL!" My purchases were more in line with the little guy on my left shoulder -- just saying.

So first I found some more black & white novelty prints and some colorful ones too. I LOVE those googly eyed gold fish!


And then there were dots... LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of DOTS... and I was powerless to resist! I did feel that when I made my last Scrappy Trips quilt that I was running out of some of my favorite dotty fabrics so an infusion of new dots was absolutely necessary - wasn't it? (nod your head up and down, up and down - very good!)

Lots of dots!

And I'm blaming this next pile on Stephie. She found this vendor when she was working the show on Tuesday night and WOW did she have some wonderful new and old Kaffe Fassett fabrics. These will come in handy as I work on my new Scrappy Trips quilt and I have a couple more Kaffe quilt ideas percolating.

I LOVE Kaffe fabrics!

In looking over my haul it is clear what I like - bright and bold. And here's a thought that will leave you scratching your head - I actually have entertained the idea of making a "low-volume" quilt. They look so sweet and peaceful. But.... I don't think I'm genetically able to do "low-volume".... I think I'm more the "screaming decibels, make your ears bleed" volume kinda quilter - oh well - we all have dreams! LOL

 As for the show, I would have liked more vendors but then I always want more vendors. This is the third year for this show in Ohio and the gossip said it would be the last year, but the gossip was wrong.  The IQF has already posted dates for 2014 - April 3 -5.  That makes it earlier in the month and puts more time between it and the AQS show in Paducah.  This could definitely be bad for the budget but lots of fun! A good quilt show is so inspiring - new fabrics and gadgets and patterns and great quilts to look at and bumping into old friends and making new friends. Oh how I love a quilt show!

Okay off to sew  - happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Love all those dots! 've been trying to listen to the little fella on the right shoulder, but sometimes Lefty just butts right in and takes over! I might be in Cincinnatti next month. Any good Quilt shops?

  2. I know what you mean about a low volume quilt. I tend to go for country colors or reproductions but I would love to make one of those pink/red/turquoise quilts with lots of white and ruffles or rick rack. They look kind of shabby chic. I just don't know how to put one together color-wise.

  3. Great choices and a fun event!

  4. Fun!!
    What gorgeous new fabrics!!

  5. I missed going this year and was sad to think it wouldn't be back next year. Now I can be happy again. Thanks for stashing in my place!

  6. I would have been right behind you buying those same fabrics....especially those lovely dots!!! I truly loved your restraint, well you did say there weren't enough vendors LOL.


  7. Awesome purchases!

    My brother is officially moved to your neck of the woods. Maybe I will make it to the show next year. My Mom is ready and raring to be my travel buddy.


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