Friday, April 26, 2013

On, well actually off, the Needles Friday

Remember when I said I had lots of waiting around time in my week, well here is the proof. I got an entire pair of socks knit! These are another skein of Opal Antonia Hand Dyed. I think this is the most consistently pooling yarn I have ever knit. Every single skein I've knit (and I've done 4 now) has pooled spectacularly - I LOVE IT!

Opal Antonia Hand Dyed yarn

And this pair is also the most "matching" of the pooling yarns I've knit, which surprised me. I didn't do anything to manipulate the yarn. I started the second sock at the end of the yarn from the first sock. Same number of stitches on the leg as the foot. And yes that orange still reminds me of the double yellow line on a road. It almost glows! LOL

Right profile

Left profile

I hadn't planned to get both of these done but when I finished the first sock it was the only yarn I had with me. It is nice that I have another pair done. This is my 2nd pair for Judy L's Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge. I cast on the second sock for what will be my third entry for this challenge the other night. And I think that may be enough for now. I have some cool striping yarn that is calling my name. Again it will be plain stockinette socks but there is just something special about striping and pooling yarns that elevates this simple pattern -- in my humble opinion.

So do you have any plans for the weekend? I hope to sew a bit on my Hourglass Quilt and I need to fix a special birthday dinner for my youngest son. He will be 23. How did that happen??? I don't remember getting any older. However I do clearly remember that turning 40 was difficult for me, not because of the decade but because I was turning 40 and had a extremely active 2 year old. OMG-it was probably a good thing that I had some maturity with him or one of us might have been dead.

Have a great weekend- happy stitching and knitting and sewing and crafting!

carol fun


  1. Your socks look great! Emily's turning 15 on Monday, so we're having the grandparents in on Sunday to celebrate. Other than that, I'll be pulling weeds all weekend. Fun, fun, fun! LOL

  2. Love the socks Carol!

    I cried when I turned 30 because I had so much fun in my 20's I didn't want them to end LOL


  3. Pretty snazzy socks. You do such nice work.

  4. Hi! Found your blog thru JudyL's there a specific pattern for your socks? I'm a brand new knitter and would like a fairly simple sock pattern...
    P.S. Great looking socks!!!

  5. Those are really bright and fun, Carol! Having a pair done instead of singles lagging about is a good thing. My youngest turned 23 in March, but I was only 28 when she was born. Can't say chasing after a 2 year old was any easier tho!

  6. Wow, that's pretty -- love the colors!


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