Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

1. Nine patch blocks are fun to sew...I made 50!

50 Nine Patch Blocks

2. The Thimbleblossoms  Niner quilt needs 108 nine patch blocks so I'm almost half way done - yippie!

3. Sewing nine patch blocks gives you lots of time to think.

4. Sometimes you think strange thoughts - like - am I making the equivalent of the polyester double knit string quilt of my teenage years?

5. Oh no - this block makes me think that perhaps I am... must push this thought out of of my head.

6. I love color so why is it so hard to decide what color paint I want in my new house? Right now I'm leaning toward beige with white wood work in the living room. I always said there is too much beige in the world, but now I think it would be a nice neutral background for all my quilts.

7. I have decided that the kitchen and my studio will be yellow. I'm happy with that decision.

8.  I need to sew more nine patch blocks and do some more thinking.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That block is very bold. It would look stunning against a beige back drop. If you think of your home as a studio the color pallet sounds perfect.

    Glad you quiet thoughts are happy ones.

  2. Lovely how you are getting all your decisions resolved while sewing. Do keep those polyester thoughts out LOL

  3. Don't think too hard! I couldn't live in a world of beige, but it might suit my quilts better. Do whatever makes you happy and peaceful.

  4. Hi--love all those 9 patches--keep going--
    what about a nice light grey paint for the walls with the white trim--
    that would make a pretty background for the quilts too and be a little different!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  5. The colors in your quilts always make me smile!

  6. That particular 9 patch made me dizzy, could be the muscle relaxer I took though. There's beige and then there's beige, but I know with your sense of color you'll pick a good one. I knew at least one room had to be yellow!

  7. Love your fabrics. I know you can't go wrong with nine patches!

  8. I think beige would be perfect for your quits!! And yes, you need some yellow walls as well....maybe even one wall with polka dots!

  9. Yeppers, I vote for beige too. Then when you change out your quilts as you make new ones that make it to your wall of fame, it'll be like a new coat of paint. Beige will be the perfect backdrop for your treasures and of course you should have a yellow kitchen!

  10. LOL on the polyester quilt :) You are fearless with color and that is a good thing!

    We painted our main living area (which includes dining room and the entire open stairwell and visible upstairs hall) a nice warm beige and have white shutters and will someday have white baseboards. For 15 years we had terracotta walls but I'll tell you, that neutral beige is a lot easier to put quilts up against!

    I always wanted a soft butter yellow for my sewing studio too :)


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