Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It almost got the best of me

Here is a picture of the the TV stand that almost got the best of me -- excuse the glare on the TV.

I love the industrial look of this piece but I have never, ever, ever had as much trouble putting together a piece of DIY furniture as I had with this.... and I have put together a LOT of DIY stuff. I got it at Walmart- it is BHG furniture from Sauder. You can see it here. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't buy this but if you do here are a few hints. First it will take more than a screwdriver to put it together. I have a drill driver and it needed an assembler with muscles (aka my oldest son). Second, you are probably going to have to go to the hardware store and buy some more screws. Take one from the package with you. I ended up stripping the heads on some screws and the threads on other screws and I was just using a screwdriver and my wimpy 60 year old muscles. Third, pay very close attention to the instructions. They are not easy to follow. That wasn't just my opinion, it is also the opinion of my son who is way more adept at this than I am. I admit I am not a spatial thinker, but he is. He could have been an engineer but chose to go to law school instead, so he's no dummy. All in all, next time I would buy something from IKEA (you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA) or a piece from Closetmaid.

Here is my view of this sitting area from my sewing machine.

It is a cozy little area, to watch TV or sit and stitch. As you can see Big Dude finds it comfy too!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I have that same TV stand. I love the look of it, but I had trouble putting it together too! I usually am pretty good at that stuff, but not with this one. Things didn't line up correctly and the directions where very hard to follow.
    Your sitting area looks very cozy!

  2. I love the TV stand!! I also love the Stitching, TV viewing room! Beautiful cheerful colors.

  3. Sorry you had so much trouble with it, but it looks great! :0)

  4. It looks great, sorry it was so hard to put together. The Big Dude looks content. I had 2 cats with marks like that that we called the Big Girls, we adopted then when they were about 6 and they were 15 to 18 pounds....Big Girls :)

  5. It is a very cool stand ~ despite the troubles putting it together! Such a comfy area to sit!!! You must feel so good to have this all come together!!!

  6. Nice looking stand--too bad it was a pain to put together! Sometimes the directions aren't directions but just photos, those are the worst. My sewing cabinet was like that. Love your colorful relaxing area. Hi Big Dude!

  7. Quilters are not required to think three dimensionally,....thank God!

    I love your cozy space.


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