Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My favorite kind of man

Inquiring minds want to know... what is my favorite kind of man?  Well it is a gingerbread man! They are soft and warm and if they get too mouthy you can bite their heads off LOL! I have a couple of gingerbread men in my Christmas decor, but not enough. Darlene at Quilting Daze was just commenting this morning that there doesn't seem to be a lot of gingerbread men stuff out there this year, and I concur.

But to remedy the situation a bit, I put this together...

a garland of gingerbread men to dress up my kitchen!

And I found that gingerbread man potholder on the cabinet door when I moved, I don't remember when he came from but I like him!

I made a longer gingerbread man garland for the big window in my kitchen - sorry for the glare of the sun in the picture. It is a glorious sunny day, which makes up for the 3" of a "dusting" of snow they predicted. Oh the little gingerbread plate in the lower left corner of the picture came from Pier 1 this year.

I die cut them from chipboard with an old, out of production Sizzix die that I got on ebay. Too cute - nice plump little guys about 4" tall. Now the chipboard was blah, so I spray painted them with my current favorite spray paint, Rustoleum Hammered Bronze and then I sprayed them with a new to me find -spray GLITTER! OMG -- I LOVE this stuff!!

Here's a close up to the little guys.

This year I hung my gingerbread man quilt in my living room. I've shown this before on the blog. It started as a potholder - really! It was a pattern in Fons & Porter magazine years ago and was suppose to just be a potholder but I loved this block, and baked sewed up a dozen.

I made the little guys out of a brushed flannel and tea dyed the rick rack and added googly eyes - I love googly eyes!

I'll show more of my  Christmas decorating tomorrow!

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. I love your gingerbread garland. It is adorable stretched across your curtain. Such a festive look. Nola

  2. Why is it so satisfying to bite their heads off? Dunno, but it is! Love your garlands, so fun. And the quilt, well, the googly eyes freak me out a little. Too real, maybe--I'd have to bite ALL those heads off, LOL!


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