Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Can you make them stop looking at me?

So I got out my snowman collection and I found space to display 60 of the frosty little guys. Every year when I put them out my sarcastic oldest son whines, "Can you make them stop looking at me? Their beady little eyes follow me. Make them stop!" But they never do - LOL! I am so happy that my old stuff has found space in my new home.

This is the little thrift shop table I rescued and painted yellow. I figure there are about 35 snowmen on this table alone.

All of these guys are old Hallmark ornaments from the Mitford Series. Do you remember the books by Jan Karon? I loved them and read every one, several times.

And this shelf has assorted Hallmark ornaments and other cute guys I've gotten over the years. I particularly like the ones with thimbles on their heads.

The bookcase worked up nicely. I was able to use several large snowmen I didn't think I'd have space for.

This shelf is my favorite. It has my Lizzie Kate Winter Alphabet and I was able to use this turquoise cake stand to display my Jim Shore snowmen. I love when things come together. I bought the cake stand months ago and was attracted by the color and that the top is a stylized square instead of round. At the time I told myself I didn't need another cake stand (and I don't) but I couldn't resist, and now I'm glad I didn't.

Now the snowman with the measuring cups on his head, who has wooden spoons for arms is my youngest son's favorite. He (the snowman, not my son) was another purchase from Hallmark back when they had so many cute seasonal decorations.

These guys are on the shelves of my TV cabinet. My collection of disembodied snowman, I didn't realize how many I had like this till I grouped them together.

I'm very happy with this seasonal display. Right now it is about 4 degrees outside, wind chills about 20 below - perfect for snowmen but I can't wait for it to warm up. The forecast says 28 degrees tomorrow... break out the shorts - LOL! Actually I'm sure I will see folks in shorts by the weekend. It suppose to be 50 degrees -- ahhh... my kinda winter weather.

Oh, this last picture gives you some idea of where I hung my Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart. It is the perfect spot as I can see it from my stitching chair and it makes me smile.

Hope you are staying warm... I'm turning my space heater up to the broil setting!
Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I had no idea the Anniversaries of the Heart sampler was so small. From the pictures I thought it was more lap quilt size and was overwhelmed by your ambition. Actually I'm still overwhelmed that you stitched it. What a beauty.

  2. I love snowmen so it's lovely to see your collection. Your AotH looks wonderful framed and in your stitching nook!

  3. Carol, So glad AofH is framed and displayed. I am sure that you never get tired of looking at it. As an avid Hallmark ornament collector, I enjoyed the photos of your many snowguys.

  4. love the snowmen. I had so many for the series but got rid of most of my things when i moved.

  5. All your snowmen look so cute!! I love the way you arrange them.

  6. What a fun collection. Glad you and your snow men are both warm inside.

  7. My comments won't stick but I'm trying directly from Safari this time. Love the snowmen and stitcheries!

  8. It was so fun to see your snowman collection!

  9. I love all your snowmen, so cute. Anniversaries looks great!

  10. Your stitching is great! I love all your snowmen and how you have them displayed.

  11. Well of course they're looking at him!That's what snowmen do! :) I love that you are surrounding yourself with all of the things that bring you joy!

  12. Whatever you do, don't let your son find out that the snowmen play at night!! Lol! Your Anniversaries piece is stunning and such a comfy corner!!


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