Friday, January 10, 2014

Watching the snow fall and thinking of Hawaii

As it has been in most of the US, it was very very cold here in Ohio this week. The coldest temperatures we've had in 20 years... brrrrr!!! So while I was watching the snow fall and cuddled up with my space heater, I knit a cowl that made me think if Hawaii. Hang in there... I'll make this all connect in a minute.

Here is the cowl. I used the Urban Lace Infinity Scarf pattern from Ravelry. It is free and you can see it here. This is one side...

and here is the other side.

I used Lion Brand Amazing yarn. That's what the yarn is called Amazing. You can check it out here. It is a lovely ombre kinda yarn. A bit fuzzier than I wanted but it seemed to settle down after I blocked it. The name of this color way is Pink Sands, which made me remember a beach I had been to in Hawaii that was purported to be pink sand... which was actually just pinky beige but hey, it was warm there.

The pattern calls for using lots more yardage and making a longer scarf, but I like this cowl length and it took only one skein, about 147 yards. This is a blurry selfie of me wearing it. (How do people do this? I must have taken 20 shots to get this one and mostly just blinded myself as I forgot to turn off the flash on several occasions.... quit laughing... I am so not cool.)

I liked this cowl so much that I immediately cast on another one, this time using the Mauna Loa colorway. See another Hawaii connection.

I like the purples and blues an that swath of coral pink reminds me of hibiscus or papaya - tropical stuff that grows where it is warm... not in Ohio.

Anyway today we are suppose to have a veritable heatwave with temperatures in the 40's. Wonderful weather. Wish it would stay that way until about March and then warm up.

Happy knitting -
carol fun

PS In the spirit of Judy L's resolve to work from the stash, this yarn did come from my stash of last year. It was purchased on December 31 - just squeaked by - LOL!


  1. I love that first scarf! The colors are so soft and pretty! I'm hoping this heat wave lasts until March too...I think we'll both be wrong! LOL

  2. LOL. that is too funny. My son is stationed in HI and is always picking on my for how cold it is here in CO. Love the color changes on the scarves.

  3. Your cowl is gorgeous. Love the colors in both.

  4. I think all of the cowls are great, but the first one is so soft and pretty. Cowls are my favorite knit this year.

  5. The feather and fan stitch pattern is always a nice one for drapey stuff. I like both color ways that you have chosen.

  6. I love the way the cowl looks!

  7. Love the cowls - the colors are wonderful.

  8. Love them and need them! I especially like the colors in that first one.


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