Friday, February 21, 2014

A sock and a half on the needles

Another one of those weeks that just flew by. I've have gotten a little knitting done but it isn't quite a pair yet.

This is the Opal Ambiente yarn. You and see it here. I went up to 3.25mm needles and only did 56 stitches. It is still a little big but on the plus side I was able to get the entire sock out of the one ball. I had about 6 feet of yarn left so it was close. I love the saturated colors and that I didn't get a repeat of pattern in the entire sock. For the second sock I rewound the ball and while I can see a repeat of pattern from sock to sock it is coming off the ball in reverse so I will get two similar but different sock -- fraternal twins - just what I wanted.

Last evening my friend Stephie gifted me another skein of that Lion Brand Amazing yarn in a colorway I've never seen - Regatta - it is beautiful. Heather-y and pastel with a pop of yellow. I can't wait to cast it on and make another one of those Urban Lace Infinity cowls. So much pretty yarn, so little time!

Happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. Love your socks. My favorite kind are fraternal ones - or as my sister says, exactly alike only different.

  2. LOVE your socks! Just beautiful. The yarn I ordered arrived yesterday and I'm anxious to get something started with it. Thanks again for the advice on knitting socks with this yarn.

  3. Awesome! I still want to try knitting socks/this opal yarn!


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