Monday, February 17, 2014

Third Time Could be a Charm on Design Wall Monday

This is at least the third time I've excavated these blocks from their plastic storage bin and this time a few of them are going to become a quilt!

In my quest to make it look like Spring has arrived inside my house, even though Mother Nature is not being cooperative outside my house, I determined that I need a nice quilt to hang on my living room wall. The quilt I have hung in the past in my other house is too big for the space. I rooted around among my vault of storage containers (ok it isn't exactly a vault, it's really a fruit cellar - I'll have to take some pics of it) and I found these blocks.

The fabric is an old line by Kate Spain called Verna. I love the Easter egg colors - light pink, raspberry, peach,soft yellow,apple green and pale blue.

And that yellow border fabric with the tulips, well you know that makes me happy happy happy!

I've used 18 blocks in this quilt, each one a different fabric from this line.

My plan for the border is to do large cornerstone blocks in that raspberry fabric I used in the little cornerstones and inside border. I want to get this finished and off to my long arm gal this week. My target date for bringing Spring inside is the first week of March. If Mother Nature would like to mirror my decor outside I won't be offended.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Looks like spring go me! Love your fabric choices!

  2. They say 60 degrees on Thur. Course I work that evening so, enjoy it for me. Love the quilt pattern and the border fabric is awesomely springy.

  3. My eyes needed something bright and cheery to see after this dreary winter!

  4. I love this! I forgot how beautiful this is. Hope I have some of that fabric in my stash somewhere:)

  5. That was a very pretty line! Love your finishing plans. Spring is already springing here, the birds are very noisy and looking for nesting materials. But I hope your decor inspires Mother Nature to get a move on and make sure that six more weeks of winter thing comes true!

  6. Another cheerful Spring-like quilt.

  7. Beautiful fabrics and a light and airy design. Yes, Spring is on the way with your quilt.

  8. What a great set of blocks. Some people shy away from yellow, but I have always loved it. That's my rebel side, I guess.


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