Monday, March 24, 2014

Polka dots, checks and stripes on Design Wall Monday

Oh my goodness, a whole week has past since I last posted. A week that started off with such promise. Monday the weather was gorgeous and I was full of energy and helped my youngest son complete a project for school. So glad I did as by Tuesday evening I felt like carp. I rallied on Thursday with the promise of a dinner at Cheesecake Factory and an evening with my quilty lady friends. Cheesecake has remarkable restorative powers, dontcha know -LOL! But Friday and Saturday found me sacked out on the sofa with absolutely no energy. I was so happy to be what passes for normal on Sunday. I couldn't wait to get into my sewing studio and play with some fabrics.

This is the beginning of my Schnibble for March. It is called Hook and you can see the pattern here. Instead of using charm packs I'm using my stash and making each star out of 2 different fabrics. My criteria for fabric selection has been polka dots, checks and stripes - all together - yikes!

I'm also adding yellow with those background triangles. I always like that look in a 60 degree block quilt. Carrie has come up with another winning pattern in Hook. Here's a bit of a close up.

And to make cutting the triangles easier I am using my newest toy. The Matilda's Own 15" rotating cutting mat.  I am really loving this baby.

I got it here at Fat Quarter Shop. I had seen something similar from Lori Holt in pink but I'm not a pink gal and this one, while more expensive, is larger. Also Matilda was my sainted Grandma's middle name so it makes me smile when I see that on the mat.

So I'm hoping that this week will not be a repeat of last week and that feeling great on Monday isn't followed by a week of feeling carpy.  Keeping my fingers crossed, although  it is hard to sew that way.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Cute blocks, reminds me of the big whirlygigs you see in yards.

  2. they are lovely blocks! I've just had to go and try to find a rotating cutting matt for sale over here now!

  3. These look great! Stripes are fantastic in this one.

  4. Wonderful blocks.

    Greetings, Manuela

  5. LOVE your blocks!! The polka dots, stripes and checks are so much fun together. I have a rotating cutting mat, too, and love using it. It saves a lot of time and frustration!


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