Monday, June 23, 2014

Need more time on Design Wall Monday

I had high hopes for lots of sewing time this weekend but instead I found myself doing other things...enjoyable things... hanging out with my sons... grilling out... but not sewing. Oh well, the fabric will wait patiently in my sewing room. Now I did get a couple of blocks together for my next version of the Paint Chips quilt in Stack, Shuffle and Slide by Karla Alexander. You can see the quilt I'm basing mine off of on the cover of her book  here.

When I pulled these batiks my thought was to use this gold leafy one as the background... not sure about that now.

Here are the same blocks just pinned to my design wall. I won't use a white, maybe a light taupe, I think that might be better. I think another trip to Fabric Shack is in order.

As you look at the blocks, each vertical row started with the same 3 fabrics and the same slices. Then I added more fabrics, slashed here and there, inserted bits and pieces. I know I said I was going to to this simply like the book (insert friends laughing hysterically as they know I can never leave well enough alone and ALWAYS find a way to make a simple pattern more complicated... LOL... its a gift!) I love the busy-ness of all those pieces!

Here are close up of a couple of the blocks.

I have 11 more big blocks to make (8 X10 cut) and then the little spacers. Can't wait to play with this. My older son saw the version I made of this quilt last week (you can see it here) and when I first showed it to him, I just showed him a picture on my Kindle with no info to identify who made it. He was quite surprised. He liked it but didn't think I had done it. I kinda like that I stepped outside my comfort zone. Now I did tether myself to my standard work by using the bright colors in the first version but this design is a far cry from the traditional patterns I usually do and I am having so much fun with this!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. The blocks are so pretty. It's good to step out of one's comfort zone once in a while. Good for you!

  2. really like how the blocks turned out, looking forward to final show...

  3. Such fun! I can't wait to start one of these and I just received the book.

  4. Finally getting a chance to catch up on your posts! Always a treat to see all your projects and colors!! Love the quoits, socks, stitches, and oh, that front door wreath is adorable!!

  5. Improv fun piecing with beautiful fabrics--what's not to like? Looking great.

  6. Your blocks are great - I do like them with lighter fabrics behind them too. Enjoy the time with your kids - thats fun too!!


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