Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Stuff around the House

It is a glorious day here in southwestern Ohio. The "Polar Vortex" is paying us a visit and it is sunny and low 70's. Oh it could stay like this for a long long time, but the forecast says just a couple of days. I'm airing out my house and enjoying a lovely breeze.

Well there are a couple of new things here. First, have you noticed that there are new blogs listed on my Blog List? Several of my friends told me that they visit the blogs that are posted on the list but they are always looking for new ones. Now in my Bloglovin'/Feedly/Blogger accounts I follow about 500 blogs on lots of different subjects. I try to keep the ones on the blog to the crafty ones. I've been thinking about updating the list for a while but over the weekend the decision was made for me when I tried to delete on duplicate listing and instead I deleted the entire Blog List - whoosh! poof! GONE GONE GONE!!! arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!! It took me a couple of hours to recreate the list and while I was at it I added some new ones. There are over 200 listed and the latest updates appear at the top of the list. If there is a blog I don't have listed and you'd like to see it on this list let me know and I will add it. I have gotten very adept at adding, deleting is still a problem - LOL!

And then these sandals appeared on my front porch. Aren't they cute? A kinda hippie chick vibe!

I'd been have a bit of heel pain - plantar fasciitis - and knew some Birkenstocks would help. I went shopping online and was considering a navy suede pair when these appeared and I was powerless to resist. You can find them here at Zappos! Oh, they also come in a purple-y paisley. Not trying to enable,just sharing!

I've done a little gardening around the house too. These pots sit on my front porch steps.

I was totally smitten with this purple leaf plant. I think it is called Persian Shield. My future DIL bought one at a local garden center and I popped over and snagged a couple. The marigolds are even more orange in real life than in the picture and the pots have a bit of a Halloween vibe. Fingers crossed that they last that long!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!
happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Great Birks! You'd fit right in here in Eugene, Oregon for sure Carol. You've got a trio of really pretty pots on the steps. And you have our weather - darn you - we are in the 90's!

  2. Oooh, lovin' those sandals. You are so close by to me. I'm in Clarksville, Warren County, near Lebanon!

  3. Persian Shield is correct. The pots are so lovely, with the purple and orange combo.

  4. The weather was fantastic today! It was so nice to have the windows open and have the fresh air coming in! Love your sandals! :0)

  5. I am going to enjoy your blog list to the side, I have already spent 30 mins looking at 'on the windy side', a lovely blog from Wellington NZ!

    Your flower pots look fab, I should really try and get some plated up for my front porch area, maybe when the kids are big enough not to ruin them though!! (in a few years!).

    I just love your blog, I have really had a long browse all around it the last few weeks, you up date it a lot, which i like, and you make so many different things, which i also like. I sometimes just picture your stash, it really must be a sight to behold!!

    I'm looking forward to how your postcards turn out.

    Love from Down Under.

  6. I am a Birk lover and yours are so cute!!!! The pots look wonderful. Enjoy the polar vortex. Supposedly that is also the reason for our hot weather. Thank goodness our natural AC(also known as the Pacific Ocean) is sending wind our way tomorrow!

  7. Ugh! How frustrating that you lost your blog list and had to recreate it. You are a patient woman! Love your flowers...the purple and gold looks great together.

  8. Your Birkenstocks are fantastic! Have they helped your PF? I have that on one foot and Achilles Tendonitis in the other. I'm willing to buy any shoe that helps!

    I see some favorite blogs on your sidebar but also some new to me blogs. I'm going to visit a few!

  9. Love the new birks!! And I look forward to checking out some of the blogs! Enjoy the cool temps!

  10. Hi how can I get the pattern for the quilt at the top of the page? I just love it.
    Pat, in Tn


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