Sunday, July 6, 2014

On becoming a crabby old lady...

I hope that everyone had a lovely 4th of July. The weather here in southwest Ohio was perfect-- really perfect - and you know it has to be true if I'm saying so since I complain about the weather all the time - LOL! I had a quiet day with my younger son. He didn't want to see any fireworks and I was okay with that so we were home by 8pm. I could hear sporadic fireworks going off in my neighborhood on the 4th, and on and off on July 3 too and they were still going off on July 5.

At 10 pm I could hear the firework programs from several municipalities in my area. I could even seen one pretty well from my front porch if I leaned a bit to the right and looked between the neighbors trees.
After the big shows were over I continued to hear fireworks in the neighborhood. I'd have preferred a bit of peace and quiet but I understand that others want to celebrate. I was looking forward to the end of the neighborhood pyrotechnics as all the booms and bangs had Big Dude hiding under the couch. He doesn't like thunderstorms or fireworks. Now I'm not blaming God for thunderstorms but people do have the ability to curtail the noise at say 1:30 am! Really, it had been peaceful for a bit and then BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!! As far as I could tell it was from the house 2 doors down - a rental - with way too many people living in it. I know I shouldn't be judgemental but every time I go past that house there is a crowd sitting on the porch drinking beer or skateboarding in the middle of the street - a busy thru street - it just doesn't strike me as the brightest of behaviors.

I contemplated calling the local constabulary but decided that I would sound like a crabby old lady. And, the weekend had already had me engaging in old lady behavior - I drove to the grocery store to pick up a few items and as I exited the car I looked down and this is what I saw -

I was still wearing my house slippers. From the picture you can tell they are my slippers because they have thread and cat hair sticking to them. Sheesh - I thought about going home and then decided the hell with it. At least I had on real clothes - not pajamas - and I didn't think I'd run into any one I know (and I didn't!)

I was lamenting to my son that I was turning into a crabby old lady - sweet thing that he is, he told me I wasn't a crabby old lady, I was a crabby young lady!

That may be one of the nicest things he's every told me!

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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about, your weekend could have been mine. On Friday my sister and I went out to run an errand and a friend called and asked us to lunch. We said yes and then realized I was in house shoes and she hadn't even combed her hair. A quick trip to the house and we were ready. hehehe

  2. Fireworks are illegal in my county except for one city--not mine--but like you we heard them for three days:). We know all our neighbors, thankfully, so on our street the fun was over by 10:30.
    Lol at your slippers! I wear a moccasin type house shoe and have mistakenly gone out in them a couple of times, but did not attract any attention. Your son is sweet

  3. We little old ladies are so cool! I think about getting a tee shirt that reads: Do NOT mess with the Granny!

  4. I must be a crabby old/young lady too! In my neighborhood we've had fireworks going off since Thursday and I'm quite sure they'll go on again tonight (and probably next weekend). I generally wouldn't mind but my Cody is an anxious pup and having him shake for hours on end is not fun. We used to go downtown to see the fireworks but in recent years we felt we should stay home with him. The thing is almost everything the neighbors are setting off is illegal here for personal use.

    See...I'm crabby too!

  5. OMGosh you've got me hollering out loud (HOL) as they say in KY! I so love that you had your slippers on at the grocery store.
    I agree with your son, you are not old! :)

    Wishing you a most lovely day....sans the fireworks perhaps! :)

  6. I think we live in the same neighborhood! OH that's right, we are thousands of miles apart but had the same kind of 4th. After midnight, they were still going strong! Hilarious about the slippers. I usually have on my shoes but forget the shopping list!

  7. Yep, I've left the house in my slippers too. At least I kind of fit in tho, because all the high schoolers and 20-somethings wear slippers as shoes every day.

    Our 4th was much like yours and the loud booms at 2 am really made us jump out of bed.

  8. It's okay to be a bit crabby - peace and quiet is wonderful I think in part because it is so rare! Oops on the slippers - sounds like something I might do too! I once was so ill I went to the doctor's office in my nightgown, slippers and robe! Top that!

  9. Hi, I love the Chicken quilt at the top of your page. Is there a pattern for this quilt? Its taken me days to figure out how to send a comment. I dont get along with computers. LOL
    Pat in Tn


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