Friday, September 12, 2014

My knitting is in time out ~

I haven't posted any knitting for a couple of weeks because my knitting has been in time out as witnessed by this giant ball of Noro Kureyon yarn.

Now it didn't start as this giant ball, in fact it began as 3 separate skeins of Noro Kureyon
colorway  170 and it was knitted into this shawl, a free pattern called Be Simple that can be seen here.

However after knitting these 3 skeins I couldn't convince myself that I really liked this shawl. I didn't like how wide it was getting and it was very dense, which is my fault because I used Noro Kureyon when I should have used Noro Kureyon SOCK - a much lighter weight yarn. Oh well, at least with yarn you can re-knit it. I had purchased this yarn with this pattern in mind - The Original Half Granny Square Shawl - another free pattern you can see here. I think I'll try this pattern instead.

And then there is my Pamuya shawl - here's a link to that pattern but it isn't a free one.

This one is also in time out as I need to frog several rows to get back on track. I haven't been in the mood to do that so it has been sitting in a basket next to my chair for weeks. It isn't the shawl's fault, it is mine. Bad knitter!

I really should just stick to socks like this pair I knit with Opal yarn. I forget which line it was, sorry.

A lovely pair of fraternal twin socks, my favorite kind to knit... mindless... but always come out great.
I think I'll go cast on another pair of socks. I need a project that I know will work out.

happy knitting -
carol fun


  1. Beautiful socks. As for the other projects--not to worry. It will work out!! I was struggling with a quilt project that I wasn't enjoying or liking. I gave myself permission to let it go and move on. I feel so-o-o much better

  2. I find that I am much quicker to rip out a knit project than I thought I would be. If it isn't looking right, out it comes.
    I really like the socks.

  3. Kudos to you for biting the bullet and ripping which is very tough to do. Love the socks and Opal yarn!

  4. I am getting ready to rip out a sweater that is 2/3rds done: too many mistakes. I will be redoing it later as I have learned where the mistakes came and how to not make them the next time. Love the socks.

  5. what fun socks and love the shawls. great work

  6. Your socks are so cute. I'm with you on wanting to do socks. When they turn out as cute as yours, it's so much fun. Your shawls look good to me. I would hate to rip back that first one after so much work. From the picture, it looks very pretty.


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