Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And now reading issues on WIP Wednesday

So I finally got my math issues under control and made 30 crazy pieced squares for my take on the Moda Love Layer Cake quilt... and then some reading issues cropped up. The pattern which you can view here clearly says that 12 blocks will go into the quilt as squares and 18 blocks need to be make into HST blocks... like these...

except I read it that 12 blocks need to be made into HSTs which I sewed up quickly and squared to 8 1/2". And then I continued and squared up all the rest of the crazy pieced blocks to 8 1/2"...only to realize that I still needed  6 more squares to make 12 more HSTs...arghh!! In my rush to get done the blocks were now too small to make into HSTs. Thank goodness that the Fancy layer cake from Lily Ashbury still had enough squares left for me to make the remaining 6 blocks I needed. If I hadn't made so many errors I would have had 12 or more 10" squares left... enough to do something else. As it is I have 2 squares left - oh well - into the stash they will go.

Ta dah!!!! My crazy quilt version of the Moda Love Layer Cake quilt inspired by Edyta Sitar's quilt.

The star will measure about 64" square when I get all the blocks sewn together. I'm going to add about a 2" float around the outside and then when the yardage of this collection comes to Fabric Shack I will pick a border...probably one of the yellow prints... LOL...I know that totally shocks you!

Here is a close up  of some of the blocks. The background is from the Sewing Box collection by Gina Martin.  I love those tossed snaps... too cute!

I'm hoping to have time today to start assembling the rows. I'm waiting for  a plumber and an appliance delivery.

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happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. So cute! Gives me ideas. . . .

  2. Oh my! that's so colorful, cute, creative and just down right original. Makes me want to run and start one myself. I just watched Fons and Porter this morning and they made a similar block by stacking and whacking. Of course their quilt didn't have nearly as much character as yours. I'm pinning this so I don't forget.

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  4. That's going to be a really cute quilt!

  5. Reading, writing, arithmetic....who knew they were going to be so important, right? Love this quilt. It is bright and fun and beautiful.

  6. So much color! It looks great! I love that the wonky parts stay inside the not at all wonky star. Nice work!

  7. Great colors and a lovely design!! What a pretty wall hanging that will make.

  8. Oh, I love that! I've been wanting to do big block quilts, but don't have big chunks of fabric. You've given me ideas. :-)


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