Monday, January 12, 2015

Making slow progress on Design Wall Monday

Like most of my quilt projects I start out gangbusters, and then there is a lull, sometimes even a complete stop and banishment to a plastic bin... it is rough being one of my WIP's - LOL Now this one is in the lull stage but I think I kick it back into gear... maybe tomorrow!

It is a big one - right now it measures about 92" wide. There will be 7 rows and I have 3 rows completely assembled and 1 row partially sewn. In the 4 rows I've sewn I have used 58 different Kaffe/Brandon/Phillip  prints... and I have another 6 or so that I haven't used yet.

I'm trying to alternate hot and cool prints. My stash has more of the hot colors as those are the ones I'm most attracted to. I've been making a concerted effort to pick up more cool prints. I saw a picture on Facebook last week, a tease of new fabrics from Kaffe, can't wait to add them to my stash.

So my son returns to classes tomorrow and we'll have to get back into a routine. Personally I was very fond of the non-routine, stay up late, sleep late that we had during the break.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That is so pretty. You have a great color sense!!! It is fun not having a schedule. Actually it's my world called retirement! I used to get up everyday at 6 am . What a joy not to have to do that! Plus I can stay up till 11 or 12 reading if I want to.

  2. So is that a lozenge quilt or something like it? Very pretty but I'm not falling for it this time! LOL I like having no schedule (it's just me here) but quite often I sleep later than I'd like to. Really need to set an alarm so I don't waste ALL day!

  3. Pretty mix of prints and colors. Banishment to a bin is pretty harsh. :)
    Holiday hours do appeal!

  4. The blue is such an excellent sashing colour!!

  5. Oh I so understand starting out like gangbusters and then hitting the wall. With me it usually strikes about half way through the project

  6. Loving those prints--not something I'd usually gravitate towards, but they are so joyful!!!

  7. Your quilt is coming along so nicely. Give the quilt a days rest and get back at it. It is going to be wonderful.

  8. Such a fun quilt! I love it.


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