Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So Monday morning my local crack dealer quilt store sent me an email to inform me that the latest Kaffe Fassett Collective was in the shop. I swear they are psychic as I had just mentioned to my son, mere moments before the email pinged my inbox, that I wondered if this collection had arrived. We left posthaste for lunch and a stop at Fabric Shack to drool over the new goodies. You can check there out here for yourself. There are lots of prints in this collection that I want to add to my stash (including a fish print that BEGS to be stacked and whacked) but one in particular had me hypnotized... you  are getting sleepy...sleepy...

this is Spiral Shells by Phillip Jacobs in the multi colorway... darn it looks like Fabric Shack is already sold out of it... I hope that is just a glitch on their website as I think I need more of this one. I purchased 4.5 yards. It is a BIG repeat...25"... and I wanted to have 6 repeats so I could make my favorite hexagon block. I couldn't wait to get home and whack this. I'm cutting the triangles at 3.5" and I will be able to get 7 strips from each 25" repeat, and 9 blocks from each strip for a total of 63 blocks. It took over an hour to get it pinned and while I had other projects I need to get to, I rewarded myself by cutting one single solitary strip.

OH MY GOODNESS..... what wonderfulness appeared... I can hardly stand it!!!!

There are 3 ways to orient each block...

I LOVE every single arrangement of this one...

This one has great swoop and spin...

particularly this version...

Here are the first seven blocks on my design wall...

I'm sure that some of them will get changed around when I have time to sew them together but boy do I like looking at them.

As for the tulip blocks I had on the design wall on Monday, this is as far as I got...

This is the layout in Quilty Fun and it will be a lovely lap size that should fit nicely on the wall in my living room if I want to hang it... whenever that time comes...which may be next Spring as I have been totally distracted by something new and shiny... AGAIN...LOL!

I hope to link up to Freshly Pieced later today.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. THIS quilt is going to be incredible. I'm all smiley just looking at the variations you've shown with those 3 blocks. You're going to be having a lot of fun playing with this layout. Good for you!

  2. For some reason your comment about "I couldn't wait to get home and whack this." JUst tickles the hell out of me. Wonderful play in the spirals and such

  3. Those triangle hexagons are FABULOUS! I need to learn this method. Wack? The result looks as if you fussy cut for hours to get them perfect. I especially love the ones that end up with a little star in the center. So much fun!

  4. Wow.. I heard the new fabric was out, but hadn't see it yet. Fabulous!!!!

  5. So glad you had time to whack and stack the fabric for us to see - I was really anxious to see it! Really great isn't it? It's the story of my quilting life too - see something else and I'm distracted - again! hahahahaha

  6. Oh those are wonderful blocks! Beautiful fabric!!

  7. Well thanks to you I have to drive across town and check out the new fabric line. I love what you are doing.

  8. Wow! Lots of options! So cannot see anything creative when I look at these types of fabrics. Oh it's beautiful alright, but all I see are the big print! lol Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your day!

  9. So I was looking at the swirl fabric and wondering how you'd use it in a quilt and then you showed me! Love your blog. Sew many quilts... so little time. Love your tulips, too.

  10. You are going to have such fun with these blocks!!

    Question ~ I recently cut fabric for a OBW, but I used a ruler that had a blunted tip, so no dog ears... Was that a mistake? Am I going to have to go back and re-cut my triangles?? or are they ok as is? (please, oh please, be ok.... ;-)
    (if it matters - they are only 'bunted' on the 1 tip, not all 3 corners)

    Thanks & happy hypnotizing ~ Tracy

  11. Carol - I think you are right - Kaffe Fassett is color on crack!


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