Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stars in my eyes...

I've stars in my eyes and on my design wall. I made 3 more of the Charming Star blocks with my novelty fabrics and I think this is all the blocks I'm going to make for this quilt. First up I made one in shades of dark red/burgundy...

I found some more Thomas the Tank Engine fabric and I think the green engine is Percy. My older son adored TTE and use to quiz me as to the color and the number of each engine... I use to have them all memorized but it is long gone now. Next is a sled and mittens and assorted snow gear, movie memorabilia, the United States flag which I now see I put in sideways (I'll fix that today), crazy cats, cars with Christmas trees strapped to their roofs, letters include the initials of my son and daughter-in- law, and dog tags... quite a mix of stuff.

Then I put together a dark green block...

I got this zippers from an American Jane collection, little billiard balls, a lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, little cardinals, a tennis player, pine cones, ornaments and Santa. If you enlarge the picture you will see the the Santa in the middle is only wearing boxer shorts... honestly who thinks of this stuff?  I find it hilarious, as most people aren't going to see that unless I point it out.

And finally a dark brown block... I'm calling this block my homage to Debbie Mumm. This is the last block I did and I only had 2 novelty fabrics with brown backgrounds in my novelties pile. I got to thinking what else my be lurking in my stash. I have my own system for organizing my fabrics and all my Debbie Mumm fabrics are in bins in a little root cellar off of my sewing room. I stored them that way because when I make a quilt with Debbie Mumm fabrics I always end up using just her designs, as the fabric colors just go together so well, I've been collecting Debbie Mumm fabric for about 20 years, and I am particularly fond of the older stuff she did.

In this brown block, 5 of the eight fabrics are Debbie Mumm...

the upper left corner is little chefs by Debbie Mumm, next is cute cats, M&M's (I only had a little bit of this one), polka dot cows which are closely related to polka dot chickens dontcha know...LOL, and all the rest of these are Debbie Mumm fabrics... the man in the moon wearing a mask, tuna and cat food cans, pretty birds and little sunflowers.

And here are two possible layouts of 12 of the blocks which would make a nice size lap quilt about 50" X 66" without sashing. First up the girl version with the pink princess-y block...

or the boy version without the pink princess-y block.

I like them both. so I think this is a successful start on a quilt for my yet to be conceived grandchild.

Now you would think that working with all these novelties would have gotten this out of my system for now... but you'd be wrong. In pawing through all my Debbie Mumm fabrics I've gotten a itch to do Charming Star novelty print quilt using just my Debbie Mumm fabrics. I envision it as a quilt for my inner child, not any yet to be conceived grandchild. Stay tuned to see where this leads. First I need to re-organize my novelties stash as it is strewn all over my sewing room, and I need to finish up the Bar Code quilt and I need to get a binding on my APQ Go 4 It quilt that I just got back from Terry my long arm quilter.  It looks so good! I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever run out of quilts to make!

Hoping to link up with Freshly Pieced today...

happy stitching-
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  1. I love how you have used the novelty prints in the backgrounds of the blocks rather than in the stars. I have a small collection of novelty prints I bought for a baby quilt I made years ago, and have never known what to do with them since then. This is a great way to use them!

  2. I love all your novelty prints! Your blocks are fabulous.!
    I enjoying buying novelties, too. Don't have near the variety you have, but I enjoy shopping for fun prints. I can see the you have been carefully collecting for years.
    I enjoy slipping bites of novelty prints into my scrap quilts here and there. Not so many in men's quilts, but usually some in them, too. I might be wrong, but I think those bits bring out the inner child in one, regardless of age : )
    I enjoy watching you play with your awesome stash. Please play on, dear.

  3. I love any quilt with stars. This one is just delightful. My sweet grand son loved Thomas when he was a little guy. Happy memories.

  4. These novelty blocks are just like looking at an "I Spy" book...I loved those as much as my kids did. I also have a stash of old Debbie Mumm fabrics...mostly Christmas themed...for making stockings of course!

  5. I love your novelty prints. I'ma great fan of novelties although they seem to have gone out of fashion lately

  6. I love your novelty prints. I'ma great fan of novelties although they seem to have gone out of fashion lately

  7. I'm not a big brown fan but you've chosen such a rich color of brown that I'm liking it a lot. Nice job!

  8. I actually like the version without the pink princess-y block, because the other colors are more intense and primary feeling. To make it a true boys quilt, I would leave out the purple as well. Cute fabrics for a cute quilt!

  9. 3 more great blocks - I love these (potential) quilts :)

  10. I like the way the stars are white but you used print fabrics for teh background. Cute.

  11. I"m loving the green one especially! They look great all together, too, of course!

  12. This is such a fun project with all of the novelty fabrics ! : )


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