Monday, November 2, 2015

And then I had another thought or two...

and that almost always spells trouble...LOL! If you've been reading this blog lately you know I'm obsessed with the Giant Vintage Star tutorial by Jeni Baker which can be found here. I've made 4 of this quilts...

Number One done with "happy mochi yum yum" fabric by Monica Solorio- Snow...

Number Two done in plaid flannels for my brother...

Number Three done with Anna Marie Horner fabrics...

and Number Four done with Halloween fabrics..

Now you would think that I have gotten this out of my system but it is like chocolate to me... I can't quit...LOL.. the Christmas version of this is waiting on my cutting table but I had another thought...actually two thoughts...could I make the star not quite so large out of a layer cake?... and would it be big enough for a bed?

And the answer both thoughts is YES YOU CAN!!! From one layer cake and some background you can make FOUR 36" are 3 of the four I've made.

Now even without sashing you already have a 72" top and are well on your way to a bed size quilt. My plan is to sash them and then add a border of the background around the sides. I'm not sure exactly how big it will get but I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 82 to 83".

However, if I had thought this through...and I know it doesn't surprise you that I didn't... I might have made the stars a bit smaller. I made these by cutting the 10" layer cake squares in half diagonally...made half square triangles out of them with the background fabric... and then trimmed them down to 9 1/2" square. I like to make quilts for my bed in the 85".  If I had trimmed then down a bit more I would have a smaller center section but I could add print border. With the scale of my stars I feel that I'd need a wide border and if I add wide borders to these stars I will end up with a king size quilt...a tad on the large for a full size bed. Oh well next time I'll consider the size of the stars... and there will be a next can bet on it!

Here are the individual blocks/stars... the fabric is Avant Garden by Momo... this the second quilt I've made with this line...I like its vintage 60's vibe.

You see that small blue print? I swear I had a skirt with that print in 1967...and I had a matching poor boy mock turtleneck top and white fishnet hose... was the height of fashion... so mod.

As for this background fabric, it is a Moda grunge...I've used it in several quilts and I wish I had bought a bolt of it. Moda has two new yellow grunge fabrics,  but neither is this lovely shade of butterscotch.

The week is starting unseasonable warm up with temps in the 70's...I'll be able to get more daffodil bulbs in the ground. Last week I planted 75 daffodils and 28 hyacinths. I also have plans for tulips in my window is about 6 ft. off the ground so I think it is out of the reach of the deer. Last year I planted about 3 dozen tulips and didn't get a single bloom... darn deer ate every one. Hope spring eternal for a gardener!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Looks as though you're getting to bust a lot of stash with those jumbo HSTs!

  2. I like the idea of big stars, and maybe no borders or sashing, but just floating in the background.

  3. I can see why you're addicted! They are so pretty!

  4. I really like the sound of BIG stars to make a quilt top....yours are really pretty!!
    hugs, Julierose

  5. Your stars are wonderful. The quilt will look great when finished

  6. Beautiful stars! Changing the fabrics really does change the look.

  7. YAY! Fabulous! We are having the same warm up here too. I need to clean up the garden a bit today.

  8. Wow. Excellent use of your fabric. I guess I should go take a look at the inspiration for all of these.

  9. Drat you! I've already made two of these and am obsessed with your AMH version and now you tell me how to make a version using a layer cake?! Something I have far too many of with no plans attached?! You are an evil genius! Thank you!

  10. Fun stars! I may have to make one of these, baby quilt size.


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